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As Long as We Remember...

June 8, 2018

There Oughta Be A Law!!!

Harry M. Covert

Admittedly carpetbaggers have invaded The Commonwealth under the opened eyes of native borns in the Old Dominion. And, days of the Virginia Gentleman and Gentlewoman could now be headed to oblivion.


Under direction of a governor in 2016, voting and civil rights were restored to thousands of convicted felons across the jurisdiction known as the Mother of Presidents.


Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a native New Yorker, gained his Virginia status by residing in McLean, a most affluent area of Northern Virginia. In truth, he enjoyed great business success and was a close acolyte of the Clinton political enterprises.


It was the liberal Democrat’s desire to restore felons en masse. He managed to do so for thousands, signing his name to the papers.


So, why are the people aghast and thankful Mr. McAuliffe is out of the governor’s mansion in Richmond?


I can report here:


Among those benefitting from McAuliffe’s misguided criminal relief is a reprobate named Nathan Larson of Fauquier County. This must be written not only because of the man, but because this creeping insidiousness threatens the entire nation. In other words evil at its worst is being promoted as good.


Citizens everywhere must pay attention to people like Larson.


Let me explain!


He served federal prison time, 16 months, for threatening to assassinate Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.


He has announced as an independent candidate for the U.S. Congress. Shockingly, he says he has the required 1,000 signatures and filed papers with the Virginia Board of Elections. Apparently he becomes an official candidate on Primary Day June 12.


His platform promotes adult sex with children. He wants to legalize incest for “personal freedom.”


Please excuse this continuation. He has a daughter in Colorado. He’s never had sex with her but wants to.


This sick soul says he doesn’t understand “how incest, or raping children, could be harmful to them,” according WUSA’s Peggy Fox.


Larson openly admits to being a pedophile. Plus his anti-Semitism and adoration of Hitler is beyond comprehension.


It’s sickening to report on this awful and dangerous individual.


In light of the growing nauseating and repugnant attitudes, “we the people” must return to high standards of morality.


Imagine if by some calamity a person like Larson would be elected. Virginians by birth, the “come heres” and all Americans can’t and won’t allow such people into positions of leadership.


This has not been fun to write. It is necessary.


It can be reported that four other recent Virginia governors weren’t native borns. There’s no law against them. I defer to saying “there oughta be a law.”


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