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As Long as We Remember...

May 29, 2018

The Dark Cloud of Division

Patricia A. Kelly

I’ve about had to give up cable “news.” Just can’t stand the constant prattling on about the same thing. From CNN, President Donald Trump is always wrong. The other day, when he was doing his typical hard negotiating with Kim Jung Un, CNN was reduced to criticizing the public nature of their discourse, comparing them to a 12-year-old schoolboys on the playground.


Fox News, on the other hand, says Mr. Trump is always right, as they repeat the same stories throughout the day, the only change being a new group of talking heads every hour.


Of course, the president is neither. One should consider watching and listening to him, in context, to figure out who he really is. If only one could find a news outlet that would facilitate that….


Speaking of watching and listening brings me to the topic of common sense. Some of the questions we and the “news” media debate over and over could be solved immediately by using some.


Consider the National Football League’s “protesting during the opening ceremonies of football games” debate, and its’ relationship to the First Amendment.


During the opening ceremonies and the games, suited up football players are at work. At that moment, they are appearing as employees of their teams and being paid to entertain the public. God knows we need some entertainment. You can’t wear a political tee shirt while serving coffee at Starbucks, either. You do your work and protest on your off time. How complicated is this?


Sen. Marco Rubio (R., FL) just suggested that we clarify immigration law to require that families not be separated at the border, but rather, if ineligible for entry, be sent right back – together. So glad to see a ray of common sense sunlight in the political darkness.


And how about our approach to school shootings? Rather than standing on our ideological soap boxes, let’s protect our children. The kids will be alive while we figure out long term solutions to societal ills.


I’d rather concentrate on the good in the world this week and get away from the twisting, semantics-riddled, sound bite world of what purports to be news.


We’ve just enjoyed the lovely wedding of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. How nice is that, to see a fine, caring, hardworking, intelligent woman find true love with a warm and wonderful man who, through his personal struggles, has emerged as a true contributor to those in need around the world?


We’ve also just celebrated Memorial Day, a poignant reminder of those many heroes who signed up to offer the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. We owe them a debt greater than we could ever pay, and they provide us with true inspiration. How many of us can even imagine offering up our lives for the greater good?


Last weekend, Mamoudou Gassana, an illegal migrant in France, climbed the outside of a building to save the life of a child dangling from an upper story balcony. He thought professional rescuers might not get there in time. His reward, after a meeting with President Emmanuel Macron, was French citizenship. Well deserved.


A woman at the DeLand Animal Hospital in Florida passed a note over the counter asking for help in escaping her boyfriend, who was threatening her life. The people at the hospital secretly called the police and saved her.


Capt. Greg Galeazzi, who lost both legs and severely injured his right arm in 2011 in Afghanistan, worked for years to rehab, and, after completing his prerequisites in record time, was accepted into Harvard Medical School. When asked what kind of doctor he wanted to be, he said, “A good one.”


In the Tampa, Florida, airport a service dog named Ellie, short for Eleanor Rigby, the name of a famous Beatles song, suddenly went into labor and gave birth to eight puppies. A nurse and then EMTs helped her out.


Will Powers, age 37, after years of work at his racing craft, won the Indianapolis 500, the race of all races.


There’s good in the world. It’s not all about hate. It’s not about twisting the truth to create a voting bloc. It’s not about purposefully misinterpreting events to suit your agenda.


Let’s take a moment to celebrate the good, the great, and even the ordinary.  Let’s reject, if only for one week, the dark cloud of division that hangs over us.


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