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May 12, 2004

The Hate America Crowd in High Gear

John P. Snyder

It was Blanche Dubois, the aging debutante in the American Classic "Streetcar Named Desire" who allowed as to how she "always counted on the kindness of strangers".

In similar fashion, America's enemies have always been able to count on the kindness of the hate/blame America crowd that is comprised of leftists, liberals, and antimilitary partisans to do their work within America.

Last week, in response to the findings of wrongdoing at Baghdad's Abu-Grabib prison, they reared their ugly heads.

Yes, it was disappointing to see that some of our military were not observing the rules of the Geneva Convention in regards to the proper treatment of enemy combatants. Knowing the double standard that exists, it strikes me as very dumb the idea that they could get away with it.

And what moron authorized pictures?

I was particularly moved by the story about the enemy soldier that was stripped naked and then, dare I say it, made to wear women's pink underwear! The inhumanity of it all just knocks you over, doesn't it?

Even though the Army announced in January that they were investigating abuses in the prison, as soon as pictures were published the green light was on and the trashing began.

Two letters to the Frederick News Post struck me. One decided that the Americans were the real barbarians in this struggle and another expressed how ashamed she was to be American.

Not to be outdone, the Baltimore Sun speculated that the atrocities far exceed the wrongs of the "Butcher of Baghdad" himself, Saddam Hussein. The feigned shock and anger shown by Democratic Senators while interrogating Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld was disgusting. Ted Kennedy, a well known moral beacon in his own right, was full of bluster. They wanted Rumsfeld's head. Regrettably, Senators John McCain (AZ) and John Warner (VA), Republicans both, couldn't help themselves in condemning the Army, and President Bush.

Secretary Rumsfeld and President Bush apologized profusely. Mr. Rumsfeld suggested a financial settlement. Dire observations regarding our diminished standing in the world gush forward. Some actually worried that the French would hate us more.

Credit Senator Joe Lieberman (D., CN) with some sanity in all of this. He remarked that he didn't recall anyone apologizing for 9/11.

The media was hyperventilating over the story. Breathless reports about our demise in Iraq and the dire consequences for the Bush presidency were aired.

The Democrats response to this was understandable. They can't be too happy with the election year so far. They have no chance to take back the House or the Senate and their nominee for president, John Kerry, has been effective in causing insomnia with his presentations and speeches on the campaign trail. He is going no where. The economy is mass producing jobs.

They had no regrets in allowing the stupid actions of seven soldiers in tarnishing all of our fighting force. They showed how phony their claim to oppose the war but support the troops is .They hate George Bush. That's all that matters. And you can include our war against terrorism.

Democratic warlord Ted Kennedy should know the path they have taken is a loser for them. In 1971 Kennedy and his buddies tried to fry Lt. William Calley for his actions at a massacre in Viet Nam called My Lai. Although court marshaled, he emerged a hero for being singled out by the same elements that are outraged today.

In 1987, Democrats tried to hang Ollie North. It was a disaster for them.

The war in Iraq is painful enough. We can't let the stupidity of a handful of soldiers tar the remaining 135,000 in Iraq.

We are not perfect. We never said we were. How easy it is to make judgments from the comforts of our houses.

The hate America crowd and their amen chorus in the media and the Democratic Party will only harden the resolve of those who believe in George Bush.

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