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As Long as We Remember...

May 15, 2018

Tactics for Peace: More Prosperity

Harry M. Covert

Among the magnificent benefits of our technological advances is the ability to block unwanted, or any at all, telephone calls. In this gregarious season of political obsessing, eluding messages can be easy.


Unfortunately, some recorded messages manage to slip through the airwaves on the pretense they can keep unsuspecting recipients informed. Reality is, and most certainly true, lots of propaganda slips in.


Truth-telling in the majority of calls can be rather scarce. Those familiar with political ambitions will pick up on fact and fiction.


For me, the gobbledygook ballyhooed so often hits the stone wall of blocking callers, and I can return to important things like reading and writing and making a nuisance of myself with friends, enemies and smart readers. This can be described as research, note collecting, or tracking down rumors and inside dope, you know, facts and figures that the people hope are true and perhaps can be considered Gospel truth, with fingers crossed.


Popular in the current times of reaching voters is direct calls. Lots of recipients have learned the calls are recorded and aren’t coming from live communicants. Many others fall for the robo calls, from robots.


These tactics have become important for candidates. Just when the general public begins to believe in the honesty and veracity, those little white lies, fibs and unadulterated exaggerations slip in. Naturally, stretch the truth often enough and fiction can become facts.


All this is often regurgitated from times past, hoping it can be accepted later. For Heaven’s sake, don’t swear to these encomiums before a court of law. Hang up the land lines, or cell phones, or delete text messages.


Devious politicians are always trying to hurt opponents, lots are in their own parties. Sound familiar? Most certainly so, and it affects the entire democratic process. They aren’t new tactics, just improved with all kinds of algorithms.


Before proceeding, here’s a side trip to Jerusalem from Monday’s long overdue recognition of the Holy City as the capital of the State of Israel.


Imagine if the prominent America haters and their shills, and you know who they are, wanted to move the U.S. government seat from Washington, DC, to Detroit, Michigan, Jefferson, Missouri, San Diego, Mobile, Alabama, or Richmond, Virginia. A ruckus louder than the 1860 firing on Fort Sumter, South Carolina, just might erupt more serious this time around. Of course, all the blabbing again would be talking peace. Okay.


Opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem has been long overdue, some 70 years. As a historical reminder, it was President Harry S Truman who, officially and authoritatively declared, Israel a sovereign nation in 1946.


Plain speaking HST was a man of great intestinal fortitude, that’s real guts for a leader. The hotshots and virtuosos of today just have to declaim today’s gutsiest world leader, his initials are DJT who confirmed what others have put off. He moved the U.S. embassy 40 miles from Tel Aviv to its proper place, Jerusalem, the chosen city.


This action from the White House is what’s called governance at its best, not wimpiness.


Now, returning to the weeping and wailing from the deep staters, and outsiders, the automatic robotic phone calls will be exploding for sure. The shame is truth stretching will be in abundance.


How to choose who, what, when and how to believe? The field is murky.


Political telephone tactics are big business. The callers are script readers for whoever is paying the freight. Jobs are good. Intra-party calls are not unusual, either. In primary races all over, there’s no honor either.


Discerning voters have tough decisions: who, what, when and how to believe the phone calls are the questions.


Now, all the talk about another world war is scare tactics. These are the lessons being learned: recognizing Israel’s capital as Jerusalem; the about face in North Korea; and withdrawing from the Iran debacle. Leadership. More to come.


There is no reason to be on the defensive when a good offensive brings solidarity and victory. Why take second when being first is best?


So, peace and more prosperity is on the horizon.


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