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As Long as We Remember...

May 9, 2018

The Answers are Out There

Patricia A. Kelly

Immigration. The stories and arguments never end. Worst of all, immigration has been completely politicized. That means that legislators who could be considering facts and statistics, and finding solutions, are not.


There’s a theme here. It’s part of the Obama-assisted, newly re-created divisiveness in our society. Now a pretty, white girl can no longer wear a Chinese style dress to her prom without being demonized.


Violating borders is considered a human right, and people who believe in border integrity are selfish, cruel, racist, and hateful. Laws are for those who agree with them. Diversity councils are emphasizing our differences instead of our sameness. Each class, race, religion or gender has grievances and needs, heedless of the needs of society as a whole.


Some people believe in open borders throughout the world as a matter of fairness to individuals whose lives could be better, although others espouse these beliefs for personal gain.


Few choose to migrate to drought-stricken, terror-riddled Africa, totalitarian Russia, or starving Venezuela. People want to come to the United States and live here in little, liberal fostered racial cocoons, speaking their own language, following their own customs, and being supported as needed by citizens already here.


This makes absolutely no sense.


Belief in border integrity for all countries, and the rule of law, does not make one a hateful racist. Belief in one national language for a country is not disrespectful of an immigrant’s culture of birth.


Belief that immigration should be legal, and that a country should be aware of who is moving in is simply sensible. Countries can retain their integrity and still work together on global issues.


There is no country in the world without a flawed history. The United States is no exception. Ancestors of many Americans came here, gave Native Americans European diseases, believed people of color were inferior to whites, held slaves, shunned people who were “different,” and considered women to be second class citizens. That’s history, and that’s world history, too. Get over it.


It’s pure good sense that a country be united, without discrimination as to race, religion, ethnicity, gender. It’s pure good sense that people be able to talk with one another. It pure good sense that, when someone immigrates, he becomes part of his new country, and leaves behind his old.


The movement to nullify our southern border, has become public and organized. American attorneys are in Mexico coaching people on how to obtain amnesty, and, through this, admission to the United States. This is the test, and I can only hope we pass it.


We desperately need to reform our immigration system. It must be purpose-driven, consistent and enforceable. It must follow our country’s principles and core values.


That means we should allow a specified number of people, limited by our ability to absorb them, by population growth concerns, by environmental concerns, and by our need for certain skills.


We should not allow chain migration. Only spouses and minor children of accepted immigrants should be prioritized for admission.


When people immigrate, they should, upon arrival, declare loyalty to their new country, and begin, if they haven’t already, to learn our language and customs.


Sponsors of immigrants must take responsibility that “their” immigrant not become a drain upon our society rather than an asset. I once knew a doctor whose non-citizen mother-in-law received social services here.


Priority must be given to people who are healthy, able to work, and who can speak English.


Refugees and asylum seekers should be treated in a humanitarian and fair way, but not given permanent residency. That is for those who sign up and get-in-line to become United States citizens.


If, as a society, we decide we don’t want to deport otherwise law abiding, long term illegal residents, we can allow them to get in the back of the legal immigration line, while remaining here as ex-patriot workers. True DACA children should certainly have this opportunity, and not be required to leave.


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