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As Long as We Remember...

May 8, 2018

American Lingo on the Rise

Harry M. Covert

There’s been a lot conversation among all the mugwumps and barking moonbats that former cabinet officers become consultants for foreign governments and receive incredible fees and enjoy riches forever.


All the critics and political pros well know the benefits of global business. The so-called outrage is concealed under cloaks of honor, elitism and all around hokum.


A former secretary of state, John Kerry, is under a shroud that he may be using his contacts to stir up trouble to defeat and harm Mr. Trump’s considering withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear treaty.


There’s no imminent chatter that Mr. Kerry is cashing in on his efforts. He doesn’t need any legal tender since his wife is heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune. He still enjoys being addressed as Mr. Secretary.


The U.S. top diplomat has the ability to call in big favors. Most Americans well know previous secretaries have enjoyed much monetary largesse. Let’s not be one sided here or unfair here. These names can include the good doctor Henry Kissinger and most recently Hillary Clinton.


While harridans and iconoclasts are enjoying undisputed heydays without vast rebuttals, don’t forget that the business of America is business. That New England wit, the 30th president, Calvin Coolidge made that quote famous. Known for his brief talk, a follower challenge him she could make him use three words. He quipped: “You lose.”


If today’s experts took Silent Cal’s advice, they’d be out of high-paying emoluments.


Lots of charitable organizations have donated billions of U.S. dollars to third world countries where their leaders are enjoying extreme wealth while the people suffer in all forms of poverty.


In the early 1990s arranging for safe arrival of 25 containers of relief supplies without custom fees and thefts in what was then Zaire, I breakfasted with Marshal President Dictator Joseph-Désiré Mobutu at his magnificent Gbadolite mansion. He granted perfect protocol for free passage. No payoffs.


Later Mobuto’s chief of staff said the president wanted to do something nice for me. I grinned. “I’d like to be an admiral in the Zairean navy.”


That caused some surprise. There was only one boat in the country’s navy, Mobutu’s yacht.


I should have asked for a high monetary tip. To be transparent I was leaving Kinshasa a few days later. Swissair, somehow upgraded my seat to first class, only time ever to enjoy such flying pleasure. I learned a lesson, but too late to cash in.


Now, to explain, mugwumps are Republican political activists who support Democrats. Old slang from years past but still appropriate today.


And, now about barking moonbats? This is an exceptional epithet referring to liberals, progressives and leftists. Wingnuts are defined lots of times as right wingers.


To be pleasant, delightful explanations of harridans and iconoclasts are found in dictionaries, both bound volumes and online. Look them up. Make your choices.


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