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As Long as We Remember...

May 7, 2018

Old Diplomats Should Fade Away

Jason Miller

Remember when President Donald Trump was tweeting about “Rocket Man,” and the mainstream media was prancing about declaring that a nuclear war was on the horizon. Our president stood up at the United Nations and declared Kim Jong Un to be on a suicide mission himself.


On September 19, 2017, The Washington Post published what it called analysis by reporter Avi Selk on the “President's universe of belittling nicknames.” The article went into depth on the president's use of nicknames both good and bad. The most interesting thought offer by Mr. Selk was a line offered to explain President Trump’s compulsion for nicknames.


“A writer for Psychology Today once called the names “a symptom of nounism” — or, in other words, the result of Trump’s compulsion to simplify people into objects, good or bad.”


The Psychology Today writer that Mr. Selk referred to was Dr. Jeremy E Sherman, Ph.D., who made the remarks on then private citizen Trump back in May 02, 2011, after Mr. Trump called Seth Meyers a "Stutterer." The Psychology Today was carefully placed in Mr. Selk’s piece to insinuate a correlation that was not there.


This example shows that no matter what our president does in the world or at home, those who dislike him will do so to the grave. No matter his successes, his detractors will find a way to smear him.


President Barack Obama was given the Nobel Prize for nothing and yet still President Trump has brought the North Koreans and South Koreans to the peace table with little to no fanfare from the press.


This is not a new phenomenon. President Lyndon Baines Johnson once said if he walked on water across the Potomac the press headline would be “Johnson Can’t Swim.” Let’s face it. President Trump has achieved much in foreign policy in the short time he has been in office.


Our President has started to push back on some bad policy issues like TPP. How much has the Federal Budget increased to give big fat foreign aid to those nations clamoring that America is the devil to the United Nations? At the end of the day, I am glad to see the United States has a foreign policy standard for a change all be it its fluid and a work in progress.


The world is starting to see that when the Trump Administration draws the red line…the line is there and, if crossed, it will result in consequences. President Trump has revived the “Peace through Strength” Model that President Ronald Reagan used in his approach to world affairs. The liberals lambasted the doctrine when President Trump first broached the subject. He did it anyway. The Main Stream Media ran reports on the Doomsday Clock.


The progressives across the country started crying to the rooftops that the world was going to end if President Trump continued down the path of confrontation. The Trump Diplomacy reminds some of a Bronx bare-knuckle boxing match with words. It's not the clean white glove 9-course-dinner-diplomacy for which the Obama Administration was famous. Much to the dismay of progressives, President Trump’s diplomacy is working.


Gone are the heady days of carefree self-indulgent White House State Dinners. In the Obama presidency, foreign meetings resulted in little more than hot air and false promises. The Iran Nuke Deal is a perfect example. Former Secretary of State John Kerry was outed by The Boston Globe just a few days ago on his attempts to derail President Trump's vision of a renegotiated Iranian Nuclear Deal. The newspaper has reported that Mr. Kerry has met with U.N. leadership and even the president of Germany about the matter.


Mr. Kerry, it has been alleged, has focused himself and his relationships to counter the foreign policy of the Trump Administration since the very beginning. If this is true, Mr. Kerry should be brought up on federal criminal charges, because the United States speaks with one voice on world affairs and two simultaneous messages to official governments abroad is dangerous for peace and stability.


There is no shadow government in the United States. Nounism, Anti-Trumpism, Anti-Republicanism, and, yes, Antifa is no excuse to muddy the waters of the already murky sea that is international diplomacy.


John Kerry was a mediocre senator from Massachusetts whose political inferiority complex runs so deep since his failed presidential candidacy that he seeks to be an obstacle in the way of fixing a mess that he created. How arrogant is this mam to think he can assume power reserved for an elected president?


Some politicians can’t see it when it's their time to fade away, as Gen. Douglas McArthur suggested for old soldiers.


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