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As Long as We Remember...

May 3, 2018

Respite from General Swindling

Harry M. Covert

And, now for some good news. But first, I don’t want to hear any piffle about starting a paragraph or sentence with “And.” It’s a perfectly good locution, plus this is not an English class paper.


In reality, this is an offer of respite and some time off from all the lying, cheating and general swindling going on from the “get Trump” activities.


There is other stuff that merits attention everywhere. I refuse to name all the nitwits trying to make boundless hay out of no bales.


How about some old time real activities? One of the biggest sins: I refer to illegal businesses like running numbers. You don’t recall those times when betting on numbers was everywhere. There were lots of winners. Pretty good gambling. Once in a great while the runners, got nabbed, but not often.


Times then included food deliveries with the game. It was exciting when winners found “something extra” in the grocery bags. Even churchgoers won occasionally. To make it right, they tithed to Elder Michaud, Father Divine and Daddy Grace. And, there’s gifts to First Baptist, Morning Star Methodist and local synagogues on Friday nights.


In these days, local casinos now are legal, doing gang buster business, and those little numbers on scrap paper are no longer in service. Just legal sin formally called criminal activities, and taxes, some say legalized robberies. Taxes sure collect.


There is other good news to help alleviate any guilt by a sabbatical for the ruffians in resistance popular today.


Apparently missing from today’s legal eagles are houses of ill repute, bawdy houses, dens of iniquity, cat houses and bordellos. Apparently around and about Maryland and Greater Washington, they’re commonly known as motels. They’re somewhat immune from peepers but popular with online researchers. Someone said blame it on a guy named Algore.


Another victim of this modern day of progressives and provocateurs is bootlegging. All is well in this enterprise. Those who quell thirsts of Mason jar tastees need only visit their Spirit Shoppes. Taxes benefit again. Now homemade beer is a big legal industry.


The business of legal pot is in vogue. Recreation use is around, excepting from the dealers, apparently pretty successful, few fines and untaxed.


And, the biggest battle for law enforcers these days is curbing the real dope dealers, heroin sellers and buyers. It’s getting worse, not better.


Good stories still make fun topics recalling numbers running, bagnios and bootlegging. Probably still going on in an illegal way but the heroin business and opioid crisis are The Modern Tales. No funny stuff here. Sad – but true.


Once a long time ago, I did hit the weekend collegiate football cards. The payoff was $40. My luck ended that day. In today’s cash it would be $357.28. And legal.


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