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As Long as We Remember...

April 23, 2018

A Possible Tempest in a Teapot

Jason Miller

Once upon a time, national Republican congressional and senatorial candidates in general used to pride themselves on championing the noble truth that conservative values lay the best foundation for future economic prosperity and overall social harmony.


No other issue is as indicative of this as our nation’s present small business environment miracle happening right now. The real question is what took so long for it to be realized?


The first part of that question lays in the general inefficiency and ineptitude of some politicians and bureaucrats in high places. To say otherwise is to be in denial of reality. Our country has failed in recent years to deal with small problems before they become larger ones. That is a bipartisan lack of political will for the sake of the nation.


I’m a Republican, so I will hold myself – and my party – to a higher standard than simply the status quo.


Our Republican Party needs to shake off the delusion that it only needs to be conservative when Democrats hold the Oval Office. Our Republican Party once stressed the benefits of small government and lower taxes as a matter of Republican pride. We, as a party, wanted you, as a voter, to live for yourself as you saw fit, and to be assured that your tax dollars were spent by your government wisely as a matter of principled belief.


Somewhere in our party’s history that changed. Instead of principled conservatism attracting voters to our party’s ranks, our party’s major donors adjusted the party’s principles to suite their own special interests. That action, over time, saw many staunch Republicans turn Independent. Who could blame them?


Our Republican party has a very big tent and is extremely welcoming; but who wants to sit in a tent occupied by overdressed House and Senate incumbents who act like mosquitos attempting to feast on your wallet with the same thirst as the Democrats? That’s why there was such a thirst for the way President Donald J. Trump presented himself. What you saw was what you got. It was a simple and welcomed change to many Republicans from the traditional Republican cutout candidates.


To their credit, the Never-Trump entrenched interests had been pushing a similar agenda to the Trump economic reforms for decades. They are now ashamed to admit that those reforms are being enacted by President Trump. The real kicker is that to give Mr. Trump credit is to admit their own ineptness to achieve over decade what President Trump has achieved in a year. That tenacity and drive, my friends, is why Donald Trump has in the White House.


Conservative accountability will save our county from the wasted money and the wasted time. Both of those have plagued this nation’s effort to find real solutions to real problems. Conservative accountability will also reinvigorate our National Republican Party despite the Never-Trump cohort.


It’s not enough to tell voters to just vote anymore. Republicans need to provide a pragmatic platform and the energy headed into these upcoming midterm elections. Only with a strong issue-based message of conservatism can the many Republican candidates running for federal office throw back the blue wave we all know that’s coming. These candidates need to welcome being held accountable once they’re in office.


That's why President Ronald Reagan told Republicans in 1975 to hold up the bold colors of conservatism ideas and retire the pale pastels of personality politics. When it’s time for choosing, declare your values for the world to see.


Batten down the hatches because the blue wave is coming, but I think if we get back to principled conservative basics… we may find a blue tempest in a teapot!


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