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April 13, 2018

Two for the Show

Hayden Duke

Last June I was speaking with someone who mentioned that one of the other aldermanic candidates suggested that we all run as a slate. I don’t like slates for many reasons.


Toward the end of this conversation I said: “I got in this race for a reason, and, if any Republican wins, I want it to be me.” I thought that was reasonable. I was told that was the wrong attitude to have and we needed to elect a Republican, regardless of who it was, basically “any” Republican.


After listening to that mindset for a while, I concluded that if that person ever had a good idea it would die of loneliness. This person is now a candidate, more on that later.


Here’s the problem. Too often we act like it’s the night before prom and we don’t have a date. We go with “any” Republican, and we see who we elect when we settle. We’ve had enough of people who run as a conservative, or a Republican, and then govern as anything but.


The good news is that, in so many of the races, on both sides, there are good, passionate people willing to stand up for what they believe.


There are now 10 candidates running for the At-Large position on the Frederick County Council, four Republicans (all under the age of 40), five Democrats and one who is petitioning to get on the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate – Bud Otis.


Danny Farrar is extremely impressive. I would highly suggest that you research his views, talk to him and then give him your vote. He has served his country in the U.S. Army and served his community as a firefighter. He has built a business from the ground up with his blood, sweat and tears. He is a rarity, that candidate who has actually created jobs and signed a pay check.


He will tell you that he doesn’t care who gets the credit as long as the job gets done. Too often our elected officials eye the next office and jostle for a spot at the table. That is not what a leader does.


Mr. Farrar came to a Martin Luther King Day event along with Jason Miller, Amie Hoeber and Craig Giangrande, all Republican candidates. I can’t tell you how important that is. Republicans must reach out to everyone and he is doing that.


So is Jason Miller, as noted above. Another veteran who proudly served his country, Jason has a memory that incites envy in an elephant. He is a fiscal conservative, who will fight to ensure that the county is a co-equal branch of government and not the rubber stamp of the executive.


What’s more, he listens and will find common ground to get government working for the people. I think good government is like a well-trained phlebotomist. If it does its job right, you won’t feel a thing.


I won’t always agree with either Mr. Farrar or Mr. Miller if they are elected, but everything I’ve seen has shown me that they will explain their position, respect mine and listen. That’s the first step to restoring our politics and good government.


I will cover the other two Republican candidates, Phil Dacey and Justin Kiska in a future column. I will also cover Galen Clagett and Susan Reeder Jessee, two Democrats who, if they were elected, I would not lose sleep over. I will also cover the additional Democratic candidates and Bud Otis.


Regardless of who is elected, I want to see the next county council take a stand and let the executive, whoever it may be, know that the days of playing second fiddle are over.


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