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As Long as We Remember...

April 12, 2018

Ongoing Public Hanging Attempt

Harry M. Covert

Might as well be straightforward here. With all the winks and nods, the evidence is rather obvious, the coup and overthrow attempt is in full gear.


Never in all my time on this planet did it occur that a sitting president would face the serious business of a true public hanging.


How will history treat this sordid 24-hour, seven day onslaught? It is a scary thought for certain.


The ongoing non-stop political shenanigans are incredible. The previous blue bloods never faced such conduct. Yes, there have been three impeachments, but not over the idea they won the Oval Office. This coup will fail, sooner the better.


I can recall as a grammar school boy when Douglas MacArthur, the disobedient five-star general, was appropriately fired by his commander-in-chief. My hometown afternoon newspaper put out a special edition with 96-point type.


Naturally the man from Missouri, HST, was victim of impeachment harassment that didn’t last long. He was right. The Congress gave the so-called “American Caesar” his day and all heard the oration, “old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Thankfully, he did.


There’s no reason to carry-on this tirade. General Robert E. Lee, General Norman Schwarzkopf, and many more, probably had more honor and dignity.


The obvious assault on Mr. T began the moment he won the 2016 vote casting. How shocking to all the would-be smart people who have done everything to disembowel the official winner of the nonpareil political competition.


Who can deny the double standards and perhaps double entendres that flood the world’s airways and publications, printed and online?


Who is paying attention? That’s somewhat easy. President Trump has, thankfully, changed the direction and style of his office. He has put the absolute fear of no-nonsense into the rest of the world leaders. It’s about time. I like the phrase “straighten up and fly right.” Simple, for sure, but effective.


Mr. Trump isn’t some guy who just blabs insolently. He means what he says. When the North Koreans realized he’ll do what he threatened, they accepted it and said let’s talk. Annihilation or life? Kim Jong Un figured that out, rather quickly.


Diplomacy is one thing, but immediate full assaults bring results.


It would also be foolish for the Middle East killers of Syria, and other Third World goofs, to ignore, or write off, this president. On the home front, all of these intemperate American governors who like to talk about defying the federals in general, and President Trump specifically, are rather clueless, immature and on the crevices of destruction. They may talk tough, but that’s all.


American assets, whether critics home and abroad agree or not, are heavily armed, trained and prepared. I’m not describing the readiness of private security forces. The heroic women and men on the submarines, warships flying the American ensign, soldiers and air women and airmen and other ancillary agencies are prepared like no other time.


Why not America first? Why not wipe out evil before it grows even worse? Why send American women and men into Harm’s Way to die and suffer for enemies when today’s technology can do the trick? The costs are too much in people and dollars.


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