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As Long as We Remember...

April 10, 2018

Enchantment of Privileges

Harry M. Covert

All this talk about privilege has me commiserating. Foolish talk has been around forever. The latest has nearly reached the zenith of idiocy, the acme of worthlessness.


Those attempting to spread the nonsense have nothing better to do. In all frankness, right off, the privilege, which is so fantastic, is being an American first last and always.


Along with the special privilege, comes the old well-used Christian chorus, “red and yellow, black, and white, and brown” they (we) are precious in His sight. Do I need to spell it out further?


Those committed to ruining the nation as privileged now are plainly evil and wrong. The numbskulls need to consider the privilege that is lacking outside of the continental U.S. and territories.


Have you heard that a university is conducting a bull session on Christian privilege? How ludicrous; what a waste of academic educational time. People with any sense of self or attention to free everything ought to stand up and ignore the foolishness which has become a bit commonplace.


Every segment of our communities around and about is privileged. Endowments, indulgences and rights include us all. Take your pick. They are easy to find.


I’ve been regurgitating the privilege routine being imposed on elementary age children and others. Have colleges become so dull that education isn’t fun or worth much anymore?


Is the old phrase “readin’, writin’ and arithmetic” so far gone that modern students don’t need basics? It was privileged to learn it early.


Does anyone remember the Old West where cowboys knew the “three R’s” as “readin’, ridin’ and raising a ruckus?” Of course not. Today’s urchins are in a new world of privilege...with their rioting, running and rallying for meaningless attention.


Let’s not forget Judeo-Christian values of American life is The Privilege along with denominational pride and religious freedom. I’ll even throw in atheistic pride and include prejudice.


I’m sure delighted to have the privilege to be an American. I know firsthand other spots in the world where there’s no privilege, only misery, hunger and affirmatives beyond measure. They are not the same as us. They would like to be.


The goofballs who think the nation, as we know it, should become like the majority of faraway lands are simply out of touch and out of line. Pay attention to their unassailable non-privileges.


Let’s proceed: Privilege is especially granted to those native borns and those bonafide naturalized citizens. And, the privileged of all stations enjoy the magic of the land between the Atlantic and Pacific and other waters. This is the example of privilege with a capital “P.”


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