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April 6, 2018

The Race for GOP Central Committee

Hayden Duke

Since candidate filing for the 2018 elections ended a month ago, there have been two notable additions to the ballot here in Frederick County. Earl Robbins and Bud Otis will be running as unaffiliated candidates for county executive and county council-at-large respectively.


To be sure there are some extremely impressive candidates running this year in Frederick County, on both political sides. There are some new candidates and familiar names whose ideology spans the political spectrum.


There are also a few who seem to think that the sun rises just to hear them crow, and one or two who are the offspring of that rare union of incompetence and utter lack of vision, who should only view the seat of government from a passing vehicle – or a guided tour.


As we discuss the candidates and offices in both parties over the coming months let’s start with the Republican Central Committee. This committee has a lot in common with a medical specialist. You may not think about them until you need them. This central committee has had the opportunity to recommend appointment of a delegate, a judge, and several candidates to vacant spots on the ticket.


Four elected incumbents have filed again: JoeyLynn Hough, Cynthia Houser, Michael Hill and Billy Shreve. Connie Onspaugh was appointed and is running for election. Joe Parsley, who was appointed treasurer, has also thrown his hat in the ring.


Let’s focus on some of the non-elected incumbents who are running. The old phrase “all talk, no action” could not be farther from describing Mr. Parsley and Ms. Onspaugh. They don’t serve for the “power” or prestige. They are involved at the grassroots level. They are the grassroots. They roll up their sleeves and work hard on behalf of the party and, more importantly, the community at large. I would highly recommend a vote for both of them.


David Perez is running for the central committee as well. He has served his country with honor and I had the pleasure of working with him on the Frederick County Human Relations Commission. He has been very active with several campaigns in the election season so far and has shown passion and energy, qualities which he demonstrates in any task that he undertakes. Republicans would be well served to vote for him in June.


Jeremy Abbott and Clayton Boone, two high school students, are also in the mix. While many candidates will speak of the future, these two impressive young men are the future. When I ran for alderman, we talked quite a bit about the future of Frederick. I was extremely impressed by their knowledge of the issues and their passion to make a difference as well as their ability to articulate a conservative and inclusive message.


I read that Carl Thomas had filed for the central committee. I have never met him and don’t know him from Adam. But, here is a quote in the Frederick News-Post from September 13, 2014, in the article about the GOP disavowing Republicans for Jan Gardner.


He ended a comment by saying: “Another Republican for Jan Gardner, Jessica Fitzwater, Linda Norris, Susan Reeder Jesse, Mark Long, and, yes, my lone Republican Candidate Sharon Keller.”


Now, whomever a person votes for is their business, not mine. But, if you are running to serve on a party’s central committee, you are duty bound to support all your party’s candidates.


He may no longer hold those views, but this comment raises a red flag and a questions that needs to be asked of him.


Not just to single him out, but we should ask all of candidates the hard questions, the uncomfortable questions.


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