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As Long as We Remember...

April 5, 2018

Music for the National Guard

Harry M. Covert

Music is swirling in the air. Yes, joyous strains of marching bands, even high stepping and recollections of John Philip Sousa, the recognized king of brass and drums and so on.


Let’s begin with “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli...” oldest of the U, S. military songs.


Then, from the Army’s


“Over hill, over dale

As we hit the dusty trail,

And the Caissons go rolling along...”

(Sousa’s music was also really for the Boy Scouts)...


And then “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


This makes the ACLU go nuts as well as “The Unwashed” who go babbling about the national Christian heritage and preferably the privileged. We can address this later.


Still with me? Hang on.


It was 213 years ago, in April 1807, when William and Mary man, University of Virginia founder, $2 monetary figure and President No. 3 Thomas Jefferson sent the Marines to Tripoli and beat the stuffings out of Arab hostage takers and rescued U.S. navy personnel.


Let’s sing again and salute The Corps.


All these years later Mister T, Number 45, with support of that Marine Defense Secretary, is preparing to use the National Guard, to stop illegals from invading the southern borders. They won’t be yelling “Remember the Alamo” this time.


What a grand and glorious message for both the Guatemalans or El Salvadorans and/or some Mexican encroachers and interlopers who keep disregarding facts and warnings.


It’s a terrific idea to show the world, not just the irreverent Latinos, that there’s a new day.


Use of American troops, many National Guard women and men around the world, can be effective stopping the illegal invasions. The only thing enemy warmongers understand is force. Who, with any sense, can’t understand? There are lots of twits who don’t want to stand the ground for peace.


The day will arrive, in all probability, quicker than expected when a trained Guard sharpshooter will set the record straight with a bullseye from a rifle. Problem solved and the serious business of border control will be understood.


On a further matter, maybe use of a nationalized Guard can protect the rest of the nation by restoring law and order in California. If bad comes to worse on the left coast, send in the Marines, Semper Fi.


Might as well let the “bands play music” while the thoughts of Tripoli and Iwo Jima take effect in the hearts or minds of the lawless.


Give those young Parris Island recruits and Fort Benning pros opportunity to use their talents furthering peace and prosperity in the homeland. Kumbaya in reality.


We can also wonder what some of the other enemies of the states would be thinking. For the fun of it, would Mr. Putin blink? How about Rocket Man? The Islamic states?


All right, let’s all sing in chorus: “From the halls...Over hill, over...Onward Christian...”


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