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As Long as We Remember...

April 3, 2018

Comparing Infectious Parades

Harry M. Covert

On this grand third day of April, some leftover scraps from what has historically been April Fool’s Day. Remember, please, it’s not courteous to describe any one as a dullard, dope or ignoramus.


Continue, if you don’t mind, with this panegyric to embellish the thought that the constant ugly national discussion has been the result of the new “Bolshevism” among the losers.


What, Bolshevism? Off the wall? Well, let me explain. The haters across the land keep using the untoward stuff, comparisons to Hitler or Nazis.


What insults they are to those who died in an awful period when millions upon millions suffered and died under the hateful regimes, and the millions of defenders of real freedom who paid terrible prices to keep the world free and safe.


The term Bolshevism in today’s debate is perfectly proper. Popular lefty and liberal political maneuvers have stolen the tenets from those evil times where the entire world was almost destroyed.


If today’s hatred in changing American society continues, there will be no surprise if a new civil war divides the country again, not similar in any way to that time when it was the south versus the north.


This is not funny. It’s neither intended to be, nor is it headed in that direction. All the bumper stickers quipping “resist” stretch the issue of free speech. The irreverent tagging of opponents as “Nazis” is absolutely irresponsible.


Watching modern-day organizers infect young people with hate is despicable. It continues under the guise of good stuff. Please, no devastating history repeating itself quips.


Battle lines are drawn everywhere; the loathing is reaching boiling points, maybe of no return. Conniption fits are too simple as adjectives in this case.


Have the educational systems neglected history of the last hundred years? Sure seems like it. These marches include all kinds of costumes. Astounding, edgy and frankly embarrassing. Notice any similarity to parades of the black or brown shirts?


Think the point here is being stretched too far? That’s how the Bolshies moved in. Too much reading history books, World War II novels, watching a slew of black and white propaganda movies?


Honest to goodness political discourse has gone by the wayside. I know, “all real Americans like to fight.” Does anyone know any proper combat on the hustings, in modern day electioneering? If they did such confession is absent today. Naïveté has become the order of daily conduct.


Without question, the disruption of civility is rampant. It is indeed a shame and indicates continuing serious disharmony.


It is more fun to write about simple foibles, to make fun of all the irresponsible antics on the national scene and pick on the irreverences so popular. Sometimes merely out of the question.


Shouldn’t loud and clear warning signs be reported? Of course, but the omens are discombobulated and are so widespread no one knows the differences.


Through research and listening, lots of the funding of protest marches has come from a guy who knows about infections creeping into movements. Look it up.


This may look familiar. Another scrap is the “antifa” crowd, modern bolshies. The definition: they want violent overthrow of capitalism, et The USA.


So, who’s paying attention? Time to be on alert; def con!


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