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As Long as We Remember...

March 30, 2018

Unlimited creativity with your money

Ken Kellar

The comment period for the Livable Frederick Master Plan is drawing to a close. If you thought government meddling in the hotel industry was problematic, you ain’t seen nothing yet!


The 160–page plan which, by definition, supersedes all existing county plans, lists around 500 government initiatives: The following is just one section from the plan. It details proposed government involvement and expenditures in the arts. Livable Frederick truly is a “Master Plan”. It expands the definition of  “arts” to include personal hobbies. Seriously, you and I are going to be asked to pay for other people’s hobbies. Did I mention it wants to pay for housing artists? Please take the time to read this “arts” section then consider it is only 3 of 160 pages of big government planning:


Goal: A Place for the Arts

Maintain and build upon Frederick as a center of arts and culture in the region.


Initiative: Cultural Arts Venues

Work to fill the gaps in the current array of cultural arts venues to provide a diversified and sustainable arts economy in the county.


Supporting Initiatives:

1) Seek and develop a permanent local museum collection of fine art to supplement local galleries.


Initiative: Performance Venues

Support the establishment of a broad array of live performance venues.


Supporting Initiatives:

1) Investigate the demand for a mid-size regional music venue that does not require a trip to Washington, Baltimore, Columbia, or Fairfax


Initiative: Maker Spaces

Encourage the establishment of neighborhood creative centers, or maker spaces.


Supporting Initiatives:

1) Investigate public or private interest in the development of a tool and technology center that would create opportunities for professional mentoring, business skill development, and innovation incubation while also serving the demand for hobbyist access to equipment and workspace that remains out of reach for many citizens.


Initiative: Arts-Based Revitalization

Utilize the energies of local creative professionals to spearhead arts-based neighborhood revitalization.


Goal: Experiencing Culture

Create an economic and social environment where the fruits of our creative endeavors are shared with visitors, available to our own citizens, and representative of both old and new culture in the county.


Initiative: A Regional Niche

Explore and develop a strong regional market niche in the cultural arts while maintaining a broad array of opportunities for artistic expression and consumption.


Initiative: Playing to the Home Crowd

Work to maintain a loyal “home crowd” for local arts venues and programs.


Initiative: Increasing Arts Consumption

Provide a broader and deeper array of cultural arts programming to increase overall arts consumption, create a “deeper bench” of future artists, and nurture local creative upstarts.


Initiative: See It, Hear It, Touch It

Broaden opportunities for casual arts expression in the community by supporting programming geared to non-artists and hobbyists.


Initiative: Food, Drink, and the Arts

Support public policies that encourage the blending of cultural arts and culinary arts.


Goal: Nurturing a Local Creative Economy

Provide a practical framework of support for local artists, performers, and creators.


Initiative: Affordable Work Spaces

Provide affordable work spaces (studios, rehearsal rooms, workshops) for creators.


Initiative: Housing for Creators

Establish affordable housing opportunities for creative professionals.


Initiative: Marketing A Place for the Arts

Support marketing efforts that frame the county and its communities as “a place for the arts.”


Initiative: Maker Incubators

Support development of “maker spaces” that serve as business incubators for burgeoning creative professionals.


Initiative: Critical Mass of Creativity

Establish policies that support the maintenance of a critical mass of creative enterprises.


Goal: Life-Long Learning

Promote educational opportunities in the creative arts for citizens of all ages.


Initiative: Hobbyist Spaces

Establish a local community “maker space” for hobbyists and professionals that can function as an incubator for the local creative economy.


Initiative: Creative Arts and Schools

Increase the presence and relative standing of creative arts in public and private school systems (K-12).


Initiative: FCC Arts Training Hub

Build upon the existing resources at Frederick Community College (FCC) and create an arts training hub that targets new business development.


Initiative: Adult Learning

Expand public and private adult learning opportunities in the creative arts.


Initiative: Emerging Creators

Establish mentoring systems for emerging artists and creators.


Goal: Diverse Expressions

Increase the opportunities for creative expression in the broader community.


Initiative: Participation in the Arts

Increase all forms of public participation in the visual, performing, and industrial arts.


Initiative: Part-Time Creators

Encourage the development, and realize the benefits, of part-time creators.


Initiative: Our Newest Cultures

Create a welcoming environment for the expression of the county’s new and emerging cultures while maintaining existing cultural institutions and traditions.


Initiative: Creativity in Retirement

Mine the rich cultural skills, knowledge, and resources of our post-retirement population.


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