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As Long as We Remember...

March 6, 2018

A Senator Spouts Tripe

Harry M. Covert

Once again, it’s confirmed what everybody has known for ever, all politics is local. On the top of the surface things often seem quiet and serene and buddy-buddy. Factually this is untrue and dangerous to even think.


So, just what is this all about?


Young Craig Giangrande has been knocking himself out campaigning for more than few months, lining up for the Republication nomination for Maryland’s District 3 seat in the Maryland state senate.


Mr. Giangrande is a successful businessman operating dining establishments throughout Frederick County. He has developed a strong campaign staff and has been constantly meeting voters at their homes and on the highways and byways.


He’s been rather impressive in his hard-working style where knowing the issues has been vital and facing the public as a newcomer has been greeted with grand aplomb.


Without a question, he’s made an impact and the man he hopes to unseat apparently is startled and threatened by the young candidate.


Mr. Giangrande still faces a primary battle for his party’s selection. His inroads obviously have scared and shaken to the core the man who’s held the seat since 2010.


State Sen. Ron Young is also a former four-term mayor of Frederick. He is a long Democratic functionary with ties all over the liberal Free State.


Mr. Young, though, has surprised many with a recent uncouth and improper comment about his could-be opponent. Sure, a veteran in the style of Mr. Young sooner or later had to acknowledge he may have a stronger than usual opponent.


Challenger Giangrande has established himself in Frederick city and county politics and business. He and his brother own and operate 15 Burger King fast food franchises, including eight in Frederick County. The company has about 400 employees.


In a recent publicity stunt, Mr. Young accused Mr. Giangrande of hiring mostly illegal aliens, commonly known as Hispanics and Latinos.


The charges come at a time when Maryland and other states are aflame with attempts to circumvent federal law by offering sanctuaries to illegals and lawbreakers.


In Maryland, Senator Young, and his Delegate-wife Karen Lewis Young, support legislative action to benefit illegals.


For the record, Mr. Giangrande’s firm does not hire illegals in the work place, nor even condone it. No such evidence is around. The innuendo is harmful.


The sitting senator was caught a few days ago spouting such tripe and he knows that what he said is not true. He offered apologies after a tape of his comments went public but only “if he offended anyone.” Senator Young should defend his service by his record. Such poor statesmanship was used to promote a bald face mistruth.


Ongoing battles over illegal aliens throughout the state and nation are rampant. To suggest his opponent puts illegals to work is unconscionable especially when Senator Young and his staff knows better. This should not be tolerated.


There is always a payday. Facts are facts. Mr. Young knows better and doesn’t need to stoop to such depths.


Time will tell if Mr. Young can withstand a strong opponent. Mr. Giangrande has not been sitting idly by. Time will tell.


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