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February 20, 2018

The Vital On-Going Search

Harry M. Covert

Amidst the ongoing national mourning of the latest shooting massacre, this time at a Parkland, Florida, high school, the blame game is running amok and out of control.


The unspeakable murders are without any explainable reason. The voices of all kinds have reacted to knee jerk comments as parents, youthful classmates and teachers cry because no answers are obvious.


No attempt is intended here to excuse in any fashion the horrible events which have erupted into another national discussion and battle over guns, mental health and leadership – or the lack thereof.


It’s entirely appropriate to remind the populace that a quick family call to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office almost a year ago thwarted a similar high school massacre.


Who knows the “depth of human iniquity?” This has been asked so many thousands of times by novelists and arm chair experts.


Unfortunately, no answers have been found or utilized to curb the monstrosities in all forms of human lifestyles. The instruments of destruction cannot be enumerated. Neither is that one particular device to stop irrational killings.


It’s rather easy for political persons and others to make demands that will have no effect on the human condition.


Introspection is at hand, for sure. Who has the answer to read hearts and minds of those, young and old, who want to kill and maim? Where is that person who can wipe away the tears and hurts of daily living?


The easy thing in this time is to say no more guns? No more knives? No more bombs, homemade and professional? No more evil? Trite but quite possible.


While muses abound during times of agony, the search for answers must continue.


The situation involving an 18-year-old Catoctin High School student was stopped because a parent, the father, saw evidence that his child was planning a school carnage. To hear the bulletin that day, then to read of how the Sheriff’s Office and school officials instantly reacted was frightfully astounding. It showed that no area is immune, or off-limits, to cities and communities. Heroes were evident in Thurmont that day. Heroes were in Florida on Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018.


Grief in Parkland likely will last forever for the students, surviving parents and relatives, teachers, administrators and law enforcement at all levels.


Broken hearts will be hard to mend, if ever. But remembrance of that terrible day will be recorded and relived in books, magazines, movies, television episodes. Good or bad? History.


In Frederick’s Circuit Court, January 2018, Nicole Ann Cevario, 19, pleaded guilty to planning to explode a bomb that would create a Columbine-type massacre. She received a 20-year prison sentence.


In the Florida devastation, ex-student Nikolas Cruz, has admitted to killing 17 and injuring others with an AR-15 (automatic rifle). He faces the death penalty.


How to end this scourges that running rampant? Guess work, and playing the blame game, won’t work, or erase, the constant pain and suffering.


Attention to details continue to be vital. Be alert. As the Florida sheriff emphasizes, “If you see something say something.”


Can we reason together? That’s also a difficult query.


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