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February 15, 2018

The Cloak of Free Speech

Harry M. Covert

Recent moments of reverie in the form of contemplation brought about some answers for all the bamboozling, hornswaggling and general twattling — mischief — tearing up and dividing the land.


Before jumping up to read the morning news and delaying the inevitable one-note players from local and national airwaves, I finally discovered the answer. The “heathens are raging” out of control.


For years I’ve read the biblical verse asking: “Why are the heathens raging?” It’s obvious now.


Relax, this is not going to be a sermon from the mount, a tirade, diatribe or homily. Maybe it should be in light of the constant harangues facing us all every moment of every day.


Just when good sense seemed to have a chance, verbal calisthenics are alienating en masse. It’s time for some quiet times. But here we go again, politics is exploding as the main menu, no break any time soon.


The good news is that baseball is back. That is, teams everywhere are preparing for spring games. The majors all begin on the same date, March 29, first time in 50 years all teams start the same day.


If anything is obvious the national heathens will have to struggle to quiet down sports fans in high school, college and minor and major ball parks. What a joy to welcome back umpires calling strikes and outs and players running, hitting, pitching and catching. More champions being groomed and winners are on the horizon.


Lovers of all statistics in baseball are ready for field days. Gosh, it’s going to be restorative.


It was sad this week to hear a teevee network heathen make fun of the devout Christian – Vice President Mike Pence – for actually living his religious beliefs and loving his wife.


Yes, similar heathens resting in the cloak of free speech, have grown louder in their hateful political speech. They don’t like anything good and pure. They have become examples of seething infidels.


Differences in opinions are perfectly good and acceptable. The hatefulness engendered in today’s political life is not good. In fact, the disagreeableness is stunning and out of line in this Land of Liberty.


The nation deserves better. I didn’t forget the coming no-hitters, home runs, double plays and replays.




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