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February 9, 2018

The Coup under Wraps?

Harry M. Covert

It may be time to put all of the national unrest into perspective. Actually it seems as though the ongoing hating and, um, resistance is merely an effort for a never before coup d'état attempt.


Not since the rebellion of colonists against King George III and the Yorktown, Virginia, victory over that fellow known as Cornwallis, has opposition to an official election trying to gain momentum. The pronunciation of the yearlong aggravation is “koo day-tah” for those unfamiliar with French words. I looked it up.


Actually the true reason for all the artificial angst is that the good old girls and boys, who’ve had a strangle hold on government politically, were caught out of touch. To use a bit of slang, the so-called ins and elites were nailed with their pants down, many literally and a lot figuratively. It’s been rather entertaining for quite a while to find moguls with clay feet of all sorts – including a number of elected in both houses of Congress.


The attempt to belittle, destroy and remove the sitting president thankfully doesn’t include the majority of voters – his powerful base.


It’s always fun to watch political infighting. Not since that time of the War Between the States has the furor been so astonishing.


Of course, any chance of a military overthrow is unlikely. There are no beribboned generals wearing riding boots who’d dare attempt striding on Pennsylvania Avenue like a bumptious five-star of World War II and Korean War.


In light of current events aided by cyberspace, cable television fun and games and all kinds of AM&FM and satellite radios and podcasts, the modern efforts of a coup are in force. Bloodless, of course, and full of distortions, half-truths and desires to surpass the Watergate stuff.


Everybody has an opinion. Sure. But, average Americans proved to be worn out, wanted an end to the status quo and said enough is enough.


Where is it written that certain political dynasties have the right to reach the throne of powers and continue their ruling? Lots won’t like this, but the late Alabamian, George Wallace, who supposedly repented of his irreverent racial thinking of long ago, described the official political parties, Democrats and Republicans, this way: “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between” them. He was right back in the day and sure looks the same today.


Opposition research among hopefuls is nothing new, just more prevalent in today’s world. There’s a lot more money writing fiction (to be nice) than telling truth. Listening and reading all the hogwash today shows the length operatives will go to destroy winners.


It’s all right to ‘not like’ the victor who is in the White House. He’s different, for sure, but he was properly and legally elected. He was put there by voters who didn’t like his opponent and especially those in his party who thought they were owed to be first among equals.


A little study of former presidents would show they have all had their own style. Not all sweet and nice. They all used the language to its fullest with strong profane words, various interesting morals, and thoughts on how the country should be run. I could go on, but I won’t.


Melania Trump’s husband has touched the hearts of the nation. He’s not ashamed of being a leader, facing criminal activities throughout the land, allowing the military to put an end to enemies and show off the country.


I like his idea of a great parade. Those soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, coast guardsmen and women and merchant marines are getting paid anyway, so why not march and wave the flag? Bring in the veterans who’d like to participate. Many will jump at the opportunity. I’ve seen the critics who think the parade will be costly. Do these people know the human costs and dollars to bring peace throughout the world?


The deaths and injuries to Americans soldiers, sailors and Marines are horrible. I ask how long should we intervene in those fighting countries where they don’t want peace.


Most certainly society has changed from other periods. The world is different. The constant attacks on the nation have proven a new leader was needed. He’s there and thankfully is unabashedly setting the pace. If there is to be a coup, time has come to clear out the knuckleheads in Congress, and, please forgive this, the obfuscators posing as journalists on television.


It’s disheartening to learn of deep state efforts by leadership at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency.


If this country doesn’t stand strong, who else will? There’s a distinct difference in worldly good and evil. Being passive in the growing face of haters leads to losing.


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