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February 6, 2018

Picking the Winners

Harry M. Covert

A few days before Sunday’s Super Bowl, I saw the story in which several Eagles players had decided not to attend any White House honors program for the football champions, if they won.


How presumptuous, cocky and silly to make such pregame gabble.


Had I been a betting man after reading those comments, I would have called my odds-man, who knows how to pick winners, and bet the farm, figuratively speaking, that Mr. T. Brady would notch another mark to his record.


Suddenly, in all this commotion, a cloudburst struck me like thunder. I realized Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles had thrown the gridiron world into a tizzy over the past couple months. The wordsmiths constantly referred to him as the backup quarterback who’ll have to relinquish his job when the man he replaced returns next year. I doubt that will happen.


Mr. Foles is and was no run-of-the-mill fill-in player. Number 9 showed the professionals he was The Man with The Plan. He passed for three touchdowns and caught one himself. The Philly team took the Patriots to school, winning 41-33.


This desk didn’t place any wagers on the day when billions were gambled.


Through my vast system of contacts, I discovered Nick Foles has been studying for the Christian ministry at Liberty University. In fact, he and his fellow field general Kirk Cousins, of the Washington Redskins, have been regular visitors to the Lynchburg, Virginia, campus of Liberty. He plans to be a pastor.


I also learned that other Foles teammates are also seminary students. How could they not win?


As the Eagles won their first Super Bowl, I didn’t boycott the game because I know the class and character of Nick Foles and his teammates. Whether a couple guys don’t want to accept presidential accolades makes no difference. With Nick Foles leading the way, the White House visit will be the best ever, using a Trumpism if you please.


Liberty University can brag on Foles’ success. He’s the first LU student ever to win the football prize. He is in the online master’s program. He now is in a long line of champions from the largest Christian university in the nation.


One of the finest from the school is John Cartwright, the Navy quarterback of the 60’s who broke Roger Staubach’s records.


Cartwright was head football coach at Liberty while a seminary student. When he graduated he started a church and school in Philadelphia where he’s served for 30 years successfully.


He was honored prior to the latest Army-Navy game.


The connections are rather impressive. I know how much founder Dr. Jerry Falwell loved sports and Mr. Cartwright and others. I know, too, how President Jerry Falwell Jr. has great pride in Foles’ success. The university’s growth academically and athletically is nothing short of remarkable.


Let me be even more on the mark here. Nick Foles was a chosen vessel in Super Bowl LII. Who can deny it? Well, when he was identified as a Liberty student, I knew that moment the Eagles would get the Vince Lombardi Trophy.


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