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As Long as We Remember...

February 2, 2018

The government brakes for no one!

Ken Kellar

Less than a year ago I wrote an editorial in my paper condemning the security measures that caused the death of a person in Frederick (on I-70) The death was due to an extreme security measure for a mile-long caravan of Democrat senators. Now a Republican travelling group has killed a citizen.


Last year’s tragedy was caused when – “At the intersection of 270 and 70 west, officers in the motorcade stopped traffic on 70 to allow the mile-long moving road block to pass unmolested by mere citizens.


“A dump truck driver slammed into a stopped SUV and an “explosion” ensued. The SUV driver was killed, and two truck drivers were sent to the hospital.”


A year later, a chartered Amtrak train carrying Republican congressmen slammed into a garbage truck killing one and severely injuring at least one other.


In this case, medically trained Republican congressman rendered direct assistance including CPR to the collision casualties. Last year, I think the caravan continued moving on schedule with no dirtying of clean congressional hands.


I was outraged last year when I learned that traffic on a major interstate was abruptly stopped resulting in a death. My outrage was fueled when I learned many congressmen drove to the meeting like you and I would, in a single car with no flamboyant and dangerous traffic disruptions. The traffic-stopping caravan seemed like unnecessary drama and abuse of political privilege.


I haven’t learned any details of this year’s fatal congressional collision that gets my blood up. However, I wonder. Initial reports say that the railroad crossing had gates that were down. The truck appears to have been sitting between the gates.


Were special security measures applied that set the truck up for disaster? Were the gates dropped without the usual bells and lights sounding to give time to get off the track? Was the train crossing at a much higher speed than normal due to the precious cargo? If so, the truck driver may have misjudged the situation.


At this point it is possible that foul play was involved in the train crash but unlikely. Otherwise, why would three guys sit in the truck and take the hit? Jihadists and lone wolves are into that martyrdom crap, but western radicals tend to attempt to survive to carry on their war, or movement, or whatever.


The U.S. government mowing down people with vehicles is a regular theme. In 2016 U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power’s motorcade killed a 7-year-old Cameroon village boy as it drove at speeds “as high as 60 mph” through a dusty village. Sorry kid.


In 2009 Joe Biden’s armored SUV’s killed a pedestrian in D.C. Vice President Biden wasn’t even in the motorcade! The vehicles were returning empty from a Biden delivery. Mr. Biden’s caravan crew were involved in other accidents but not fatal. In one skating star Peggy Fleming was injured.


In 2008 a motorcycle cop died escorting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


George W. Bush’s travels resulted in the deaths of escorting motorcycle cops, one in 2007 and one in 2006.


In 1988, a Secret Service vehicle killed a civilian in a car crash in New York State.


In 1983, three Secret Service agents died in a collision with a police vehicle while supporting a visit from the Queen of England.


I have been a pedestrian in D.C. when Secret Service motorcades pass through, and it is scary.


So that is at least 10 deaths in the last 30 years caused by security measures. In that same 30 years, I am not aware of a single attack on a moving vehicle carrying a government official.


I propose a death count of 10 or more innocents is outrageous considering not a single attack on a Secret Service vehicle has been documented. How many people should our Secret Service be allowed to kill because of perceived threats?


Since I don’t expect any changes on the governments part, when you hear a federal motorcade is nearby, stay off the streets! The government brakes for no one!


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