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February 1, 2018

The Thrill of Victory

Harry M. Covert

Along with four-and-a-half million others, I couldn’t resist watching the State of the Union performance. It was something to behold and gave hope to the nation and the world.


I’ll not beat around the bush. It was great despite what the usual suspects exclaimed as not good. In all good nature, it is no shock that naysayers’ remarks could be predicted and written before the program got underway. Thank the Lord for mute and off buttons.


Remember the slogan from Wide World of Sports? “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” That’s what ran through my mind as President Donald Trump expertly delivered his oration.


The cameras spanned the joint session of Congress. It was easy to see all the victors. No surprise either to show the defeateds (sic). Disrespect from the loyal opposition was so evident it was sickening, malicious, and downright disgraceful.


The vast majority of viewers saw and heard the positive actions of the Trump Administration. Losers have beaten up on The Leader unmercifully and viciously. I heard The Man say he could take the heat. He obviously has and is sailing along with the best interests of his constituents, subjects and normal everyday Americans.


He’s determined to protect the nation in every way. The losers think they can make hay with just being hateful and common in their words about Mr. Trump.


Obviously he is not a wimp. I like the idea that he asks appointees about loyalty to him. Why not? You mean he should select people who don’t follow his agenda?


All the alleged handwringing is faux, hogwash, balderdash and drivel. Friends, Americans and countrywomen/men give me your eyes and ears for a few moments.


The anti-routine has gotten out of hand. We’ve endured a year of constant hooey and hokum masked as news. Well, I know the difference between what’s news and what’s editorial, opinion and advocacy.


Maybe I’m a bit jealous over the big payoffs the talking heads get for their so-called reporting. They get away with constant truth-stretching without shame.


Back at the Capitol building. Honestly I kept waiting for the U.S. Marshals, the Secret Service and Capital Police to swoop in and handcuff any of the illegal immigrants who were invited guests of The Losers.


The above would have been historic, delightful and would put the fear of the Almighty, Allah, and Yahweh into the trouble-making Losers and lawbreakers. Gosh, as a journalist, what a fantasmagoricle (sic) story for days on end. Now that’s real dreaming.


One aspect of Mr. Trump’s planning has been to improve the nation’s infrastructure. Maybe Wednesday’s fatal train wreck carrying Republican Congress members and families is an omen that there are major needs. And immediately.


If I wanted to be unkind and I don’t, the reconstruction of roads, bridges and railroad tracks, et al, could get started. The funding could come by stopping the nation gifts of billions of taxpayers’ dollars to unappreciative countries. Start with a major defunding of the albatross known as the United Nations. For the next five years stop the flow of untold millions to European, Asian, African, Central and South American sovereignties.


Where is it written that U.S. taxpayers have to support the rest of the world? I support helping others, but let’s have a break and see how the world endures.


It was mighty nice to enjoy seeing the winners smiling and applauding. It was a lesson to watch the losers who now are outcasts.


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