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As Long as We Remember...

January 31, 2018

Maryland – A Progressive’s Playground

Ken Kellar

As even the most progressive CEOs praise the impact of President Donald Trump’s tax bill (e.g. Apple’s Tim Cook), Maryland legislators dutifully act to keep that free-market prosperity out of our state.


As national energy production has grown, minimizing the power and influence of foreign energy cartels and huge energy exporter Russia, our Maryland legislators banned fracking statewide.


Massive sums of money are returning from overseas tax sanctuaries along with some hefty checks paid to the U.S. Treasury. This is in response to President Trump’s reduction of corporate tax rates. Our local State Sen. Ron Young (D., 3B) has flipped that economic concept on its head by promising to get Annapolis to give us all “free” community college. His source of revenue for the “free” stuff will be a special income tax on corporations that do business in our state, yet pay their corporate income tax elsewhere.


Senator Young is trying to invent a new entitlement, and, since a state can’t run a deficit like a country can, he was forced to dream up another source of cash. Has he thought through the potential negative consequences?


The Trump Administration is trying to tighten up our immigration picture to help wages rise. The goal also includes lowering crime and reducing entitlement spending of which immigrants, legal and illegal, consume an inordinate share. Border control will naturally tighten up the labor market, causing wages to rise and increasing job opportunities for Americans. Ever driven through Baltimore? Shouldn’t its citizens have a shot at a job?


Annapolis, in the meantime, is contemplating illegal immigrant sanctuary policies and minimum wage mandates. Did I mention that – as a result of the Trump tax cut – millions of Americans are taking home thousands more through tax cuts, bonuses and voluntarily elevated hourly wage rates?


Maryland is affluent for one primary reason and that is its geographic proximity to Washington, D.C. This allows Annapolis to impose its progressive fantasies on all of us without consequences. The majority of their constituents are sucking on the teat of big government – be they ultra-highly paid federal employees, or welfare recipients. Both of those extreme demographics are being kept very comfortable in this progressive playground we call Maryland.


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