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May 3, 2004

A Quiet Organization Quietly Celebrates a Birthday

John P. Snyder

If you had the opportunity to save an infant from any danger, say drowning, choking or a fall, you would be regarded as a hero. Your quick thinking might earn you a favorable newspaper report or an award.

For 25 years, Birthright of Frederick has been quietly saving the lives of children, albeit unborn, from their offices on West Patrick Street. Last week, volunteers and supporters gathered to celebrate the milestone and the lives that have been saved.

Birthright assists those who have an unplanned pregnancy. They believe firmly that it is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth and it is a right of child to be born. They provide many services to those in need, from emotional support to clothes to medicines. They tell women who seek their services that they can have this baby. They pledge help and care.

Volunteers offer no moral judgments, just love and encouragement. Wonderful stories were told and retold about young women who decided to keep their baby, returning later to Birthright to express joy for helping them make the right choice, when only months before, they could have been on the "abortion-to-do list" at Planned Parenthood.

Volunteers who staff the office are pro women and pro life. They know how to listen and express love. To them, the unborn fetus is the weakest member of our society, and that life is a gift from God. Their work is extraordinary and priceless.

Organizations like Birthright provide the moral underpinnings of a community, like Frederick, that reaches out and cares for those in need.

Since the 1973 Roe vs.. Wade decision the number of abortions is well into the tens of millions. The debate rages on, but the playing field has changed.

Hospitals across the country routinely nurture life into premature babies, weighing as little as 2 pounds at 18 weeks. They are fully formed humans. Now medical imaging cameras lets parents see their children in explicit detail after 10 weeks. It doesn't look like excessive tissue, as some would have you believe.

Meanwhile, pro abortion defenders are stuck on arguments used 30 years ago. Tales of "back alley" abortions are invariably used as a reason abortion should be legal.

The backbone of today's Democratic Party is its adherence to a pro abortion stance. One wonders if the Democrats would be the minority party today if some of those under 30 citizens who were aborted where alive today to vote their way.

The debate will rage on, no doubt. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, one has to admire the will and determination of those who seek to help other choose life. Happy Birthday, Birthright.

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