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January 30, 2018

Verbal Bullies, Loose Lips

Harry M. Covert

This is going to be a rather delicate essay. It has to be. First and foremost, epithets in any setting are out of line. They are verbal bullying to youngsters and adults alike.


The purpose here is to titivate readers somewhat. In other words to elucidate banal events that seemingly never end.


A high school girls’ basketball game in Frederick recently was overshadowed by the alleged use of the n-word toward a player. Shameful for sure. Another person identified as a student acted out a sexual act to demean players. No class.


There is no sense here to fully describe sports fans’ poor conduct in the public arena between the rival schools.


Today’s conduct and conversations are filled with titillating words and bare verbalizing. Users think nothing of off-color language everywhere. And, such talk is rampant on all broadcast entities and many publications. How dare censors bleep the profane comments.


The national media has run wild voicing and spelling out an unproven presidential description of some countries as s-holes. If he said it, or if professional leakers say he did it, editors dropped the ball. So did he.


Are we shocked that high school students use such talk? Trash talking in all levels of sports communities is rampant. It trickles down in all of society.


How tame the phrase “loose lips sink ships.” Or, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Time flys. Tempest fugit.


In no way is this an excuse for bad conduct and use of English, or American speak. It is always astonishing to hear how many people, women and men and teenagers of all genders use the f-word and think nothing of it. Some other alphabet letters are in full use too.


Shall they be listed here? The old newspaper censor of etoin shrdlu is long out of style. Popular curse words today are m-effers, p-of, b**ch, damn and others.


The “I”-word has become extremely pleasant to haters of President Donald Trump. Actually, impeach will flow down to office holders on the state and local levels. Opponents will just ignore elections and impeach those they don’t approve. At least try to do so.


Other nicer adjectives could be durn, shucks, schmucks, cheese and crackers, horse’s patoot. Another useful word is a**, describing a donkey.


Again, using the n-word epithet is wrong as are the w*p-word, meaning “without papers,” or “micks,” or rednecks or ragheads or pigs (for cops).


It’s not healthy, or courteous, to refer to any leader as a buffoon, Liar-in-Chief, or any of the other off-color words.


Yes, degradations in words is nothing new. But shouldn’t be acceptable in this time of great enlightenment. Lots of eminents take exception, depending on whose ox is being gored.


Razzing players and referees and umpires are popular in all venues. Doesn’t meant it’s good. Bullying is wrong. Booing is often heard and people laugh.


Epithets in all forms are aimed at those in authority. Once a high school right handed pitcher had all the major league scouts anxious to sign him. He called the home plate umpire an SOB and m-effer. He was tossed from the game. A year later he was released by the Orioles because his conduct never changed. He became a used car salesman and later a convicted thief.


Game officials must learn to not have rabbit ears, that’s listening to the boos and filthy talking from fans, players and family.


What penalty the Frederick County bullies received has been kept mute. Probably good. But, sorry to say, it won’t be the last time such words are blared.


Got to admit though, a smack in the mouth would be a good antidote.


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