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January 22, 2018

Shutdown for DACA?

Jason Miller

It’s that time again! Time for a government shutdown! It’s about evil Republicans, right? It’s about the heartless and cruel conservatives who want to rip families apart, right? Wrong.


The many issues that fiscal, hawk conservatives held as benchmarks for a continuing resolution “Yea” vote were given away to Democrats in closed door meetings. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) issue is an Alamo argument. The DACA timeline itself ends in March. Why are we repeating this same old song and dance from 2013? The narrative must be changed from our booming economy. The Democrat’s own national party depends on it.


President Barack Obama’s recovery efforts simply fanned the flames of class division to avoid taking responsibility for the administration’s costly stimulus efforts that fizzled. The progressive utopia he promised collapsed under the weight of all the orange barrels that were created instead of the new “shovel ready” he promised. The progressive strategy of class envy politics before President Donald Trump erupted into the ultra-left’s post-Trump resistance movement.


These ultra-left’s radical socialists are free from the shackles of the Democrat Party. They cannot be controlled by leftist politicians like Rep Nancy Pelosi (CA) or Sen Chuck Schumer (NY). The Democrats are attempting to mend a fracturing after the Hillary Clinton loss to now President Trump. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters saw the loss coming and have grown furious with the establishment Democrat’s inability to thwart a Trump Administration.


This government shutdown is necessary to show a united Democrat solidarity with the wing of radical leftists once courted by Senator Sanders. Calls for a Trump impeachment are as effective for the Democrats as the 900 times House of Representatives’ Republicans voted for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. This government shutdown is a last effort to prove that the Democrat Party still has teeth.


Democrats thought a great shutdown backlash was not only possible but certain. The blue wave that many progressives were counting on to push their candidates into office has turned to a ripple since the Trump tax reform passed. It’s hard to preach doom and gloom when people see more money in their paychecks, and their 401k’s gaining record dividends. Not a single Democrat voted for tax reform; and, as such, can claim no credit for the raise President Trump gave to America’s workers.


A 2018 midterm election victory for progressives depends on negativity toward Republicans. It seems now that a Trump backlash is a lot less appealing when everyone was making money. The bottom line is that people look to their wallet when they vote.


Right now, the stock markets are booming just one year after progressive economists warned of dire market losses. Progressive talking heads predicted evil corporations were going to fleece America, yet Apple just announced that it is repatriating $350 billion back into the United States. The bonuses being paid to workers following the passage of the Trump tax plan were scoffed at by Nancy Pelosi as crumbs.


The tax relief to millions of people under President Trump’s reforms are not simply an illusion in the minds of conservatives. The world didn’t end because Trump passed the reforms he had promised to his base. How do you generate and redirect the outrage? Insist on a government shutdown and hope Republicans get the blame.


Too bad for the Democrats as they failed to take one fundamental fact into account. The normal influences of political threats and main stream media outrage might have worked had they been opposing a different president.


In the end, this is about taking a stand against President Trump no matter what it costs the country. DACA is the easy scapegoat.


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