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January 18, 2018

Lost in Translation

Jason Miller

Many of the progressive talking heads around the main stream media have been melting down over President Donald Trump’s reported use of crudeness and profanity during a closed-door meeting on national immigration policy. They seem to forget the cringe-worthy moments with Vice President Joe Biden’s hot microphones.


Many American presidential libraries are full of profanity laced moments recorded for posterity. I guess not too many of President Trump’s profanity critics have ever listened to the Richard Nixon tapes. On YouTube, there is a 1963 recorded phone call of President John F. Kennedy dressing down the Assistant Secretary of Defense Arthur Sylvester over a Washington Post article. It’s a real gem. My personal favorite is the 1964 recorded phone call of President Lyndon Johnson ordering custom pants. It’s hilarious.


Many of these progressive media types are too soon to forget the story that many of them ran in November of 2016 about research published in the journal Language Sciences. It linked swearing to intelligence. Everyone was tripping and falling over social media to claim the title of genius.


Personally, I think the comments said to have been made by the president were in bad taste, but the question he asked was spot on. We also need to remember that this was a closed-door forum not meant for public consumption. Do any of us dare to say that we speak in private the exact same way we speak in public?


The context of President Trump’s private statement is in keeping with his public statements on his support of a merit-based immigration model. This is not a case of President Trump saying something different behind closed doors from what he has said in public. It is a question regarding how he said behind closed doors to those present.


This president can be called many things by many people. It is a free county after all. One of the titles he seems to have earned with his base over the past year should be the title of Consistent. President Trump has a bond with his base that only he can break.


I highly doubt that this will sever the relationship between the president and those who support him. Democrat lawmakers are stretching his remarks out of context to make the president appear disconnected from the average American voter.


Democrat lawmakers who jumpstart proceedings to impeach a U.S. president for having a potty mouth appear desperate by anyone’s rational standards. The latest manufactured outrage over “cussinggate” is just more Washington, D.C., beltway silliness. I remember how the left painted the soft-spoken and pious nature of Mike Pence to be a sign of his country club aloofness toward working class Americans.


We all slip with our language every now and again. We do it at random moments in our public and private lives. No one can say that the description our president made was a wise summary of the economics in the developing world.


There are many words in the English language that can be commanded without cursing. That is a noble truth. Was he wrong in his opinion as it relates to the context of the question? How the president said what he said seems to be overshadowing the very question he asked.


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