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January 17, 2018

Guts and Glory

Ken Kellar

Our president reportedly characterized some nations – whose citizens are given special refugee status – in his classic (but not classy) style. If true, I’d like to thank him for his gutsy candor.


First, as a newspaperman, I’d like to make a technical point. The following morning, the fake news champion CNN proudly spelled out Mr. Trump’s alleged epithet on their banner at the bottom of the screen. Mr. Trump quickly tweeted that he did not use the crude word CNN was displaying. CNN responded by changing the banner to “President Trump denies saying “#^$#$#”.


Do you see that little trick there? CNN once again posted unverified claims as “news.” When called out, CNN realized they were reporting hearsay as facts. Rather than retracting the claim they reframed the story as a presidential denial. CNN never took the immigration subject to any higher level of analysis other than saying “racist.” Even if it is later verified, I personally don’t care if Mr. Trump called these countries “#^$#$#.” I agree with him and so, I’m guessing, do the people fleeing them.


I checked Fox News and it did mention the Trump alleged comments, but it shifted to Nancy Pelosi’s recent characterization of the millions of $1,000 and $2,000 bonuses and tax breaks normal people across the nation were receiving as “crumbs.” Fox, by the way, showed the video of Pelosi’s jaws flapping as the word “crumbs” came out. No hearsay there. Ms. Pelosi is one of those multi-zillionaire career members of Congress to whom $2,000 is a crumb.


For those aghast that our president bemoaned the poor quality of the nations that supply the vast majority of immigrants in our country, let’s look at some math. USA population, about 320 million. People living in horrible countries, about 6 billion or 18 times the USA population.


The current open border policy of the left would have us take in all who want to come here. To put that in perspective, that would take Frederick County from 250,000 to 4.5 million residents. And most of those people don’t have 2.3 children per woman as the county uses to calculate their massive home building impact fees. These horrible nations have birth rates more like 5 to 7 per woman. And here those kids will all survive birth.  Would the county raise their impact fees from about $30,000 per new home to $90,000 per home to account for the high immigrant fertility?


I’m sure my math is horribly flawed as the vast majority of Third World immigrants are on public assistance and won’t be paying cash for homes. They’ll be demanding the free stuff. (Yes, Virginia, very many working illegals are on assistance such as WIC because their income is hidden and the books show them as being impoverished). So, maybe our county impact fees would need to go to about $1 million per new home to be able to support services for the immigrants.


I occasionally come across people who have performed missionary service, or other on-site charity, to several of the countries Mr. Trump reportedly disparaged. I often ask them why the country the person helped is in such bad shape. “An oppressive government” is the most common answer. “Drug cartels” is often added to the first part. A not too distant third statement is “corruption.” Often the work, supplies and services these compassionate individuals provide are undone by the corrupt powers before the missionaries’ return flight touches down in the USA.


I advise these caregivers that their money and time might be better spent funding a mercenary army to overthrow the corrupt and evil powers that keep those countries in misery. I often get a smiling nod, and have never been attacked, for making such a suggestion. I’m more than half serious when I suggest it.


Why should we absorb the uneducated and sometimes physically sick people from horrible countries? Then again, why should we accept the best of those countries? Aren’t we denying the bad country the human resources needed to improve things? Why should we take their best and brightest?


If Third World nations kept their best, perhaps those strong people could help transform their nation. What if Gandhi violated his student visa and remained in England as a “Dreamer,” or one of the “less fortunate?” Yes, he might have lived longer but…


Notes on national transformation:


Western Civilization did not emerge from the savage tribes of Europe overnight. Roman conquest brought some infrastructure. Then as Rome was dying, Christianity and literacy were introduced. The collapse of Rome brought the Dark Ages and warlords. The relationships established among battling warlords evolved into the feudal system. This resulted in the development of councils and parliaments checking the power of monarchs. Our great nation was just one more evolutionary step in a long chain of advancements in civilization and humanity.


The thought that we can forcibly transform a nation from corrupt or anarchical oppression to a democratic republic overnight may be incredibly naïve. Perhaps the great story of the development of Western Civilization may be irreproducible just as some think the emergence of life on earth may have been a one-time incredibly unlikely occurrence.


A benevolent dictator might be the best we should expect in the early stages of Third World emergence. Are people in Libya better off now that the dictator Gaddafi has been killed? What happened to Egypt when Mubarak was overthrown and replaced by a democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood? Thankfully a military coup ensued. The military dictator, El–Sisi, has bravely called for a reformation of Islam while trying to protect the few remaining Coptic Christians who are regularly being slaughtered by their Muslim brothers.


In summary, our policy that offers permanent refugee status to every opponent, or would-be victim of Third World tyranny is a great way to protect, sustain, and grow Third World tyranny.


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