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January 11, 2018

Noble, Ignoble Efforts

Harry M. Covert

In this land of oxymorons, time is ripe for remembrance of The Noble Experiment, that day 96 years ago next week when boozing went underground, and lots of Americans became full-fledged criminals.


Now an Ignoble Effort has sneaked into modern society as cannabis, mostly as medical marijuana. Will all those “sales persons”— drug dealers — in state and federal “correctional” facilities now be released and excused for their previous illegal misdeeds? Probably not.


Just as the sins of not paying taxes on the bootlegging of alcoholic beverages created felons, governmental coffers will now be enriched. Tax rolls will grow as marijuana sales become popular.


Back in the day when church people led the way as moral champions for teetotalers in every state, smoking dope has spread across the land. At least 29 states, the District of Columbia and Indian reservations allow the buying and selling of weed.


All this is happening at a time when narcotics – like cocaine, heroin and fentanyl – are illegal and flooding communities. Lives of children and young people are being ruined using these drugs. Yes, this is a crisis of horrifying measures.


The state of Maryland has allowed the growth of marijuana farms for medical reasons. How neat this must be. Will the alleged cannabis healing power be fruitful and restore devastated lives? That’s to be seen.


Are law enforcement agencies going to scale back the arrests of drug pushers?


This new approval of marijuana use could open doors to permit heavier-duty drug use. Federal law still looks askance at the new laws.


It took 13 years, 10 months and 18 days before the Volstead Act was voided on December 5, 1933. That period was not noble.


Will a new “enlightenment” and drug legalization further public acceptance of drugs?


As towns, cities and communities accept pot smoking, will “smoke-offs” take over fun and games as well as bake sales and civic clubs festivities?


In other words, communities could rent venues for weekends allowing drug users to entertain their mellow selves. How about legal en masse pot days?


The day could come for championship “sniff offs,” a la bake offs, chili-fests and barbecue eat offs.


Are oxymorons still high or merely moronic?


Counting The Anniversary, Tuesday will be a day to not emulate.


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