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December 28, 2017

Rookies at the Bat

Harry M. Covert

We’re counting the days. No, not for the bogus impeachment talk from all the losers who have nothing worthwhile to say. The latter are one-note players, for sure.


It won’t be long when honest and true sports fans enjoy the start of spring training. Yes, the airwaves and printed sports pages will be detailing favorite Major League Baseball teams.


Around February 13 and 14, the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles will welcome pitchers and catchers a few days before the veterans, and then hopefuls arrive in their Florida camps.


What a relief that the baseballers get the attention. After all the game is The Game, the National Pastime. The Nationals will grab lots of the pride and talk. Again, broadcasting experts like Phil Wood and Mike Wallace, the MASN network stars, will offer their enlightened comments.


The Baltimore Orioles have an elite team on the field and in the broadcast booth. How about Gary Thorne and Hall of Famer Jim Palmer?


Among the favored umpires often seen in Baltimore’s Oriole Park at Camden Yards and Washington’s Nationals Park is the inimitable Joe West.


Known as Cowboy Joe, he enters the 2018 season having umpired 5,000 major league games in his 41 years. He’ll be the most senior ump. He’s fun to watch and is quite a singer-songwriter in the country and western genre.


Both the Nats and O’s have good players. Washington has a new untried manager who replaces Dusty Baker. Manager Baker led the team to two straight East Division pennants. The Birds have Buck Showalter’s steady hand again.


At this time of year, baseball takes center stage and pushes the political conversations back quite a bit. We can all gab endlessly whether the Nats’ Bryce Harper will have another most valuable player year and become the $500 million man. Pretty good chance


In Baltimore, Manny Machado, the incredible third baseman, is a million dollar plus man. He’s fun to watch scooping up those grounders at the hot corner, and terrorizing pitchers with his bat. The O’s have to think more than twice before letting him escape.


The talent on both of these Middle Atlantic teams is unbelievable. The upcoming season tends to be exciting and better than ever.


To dare consider baseball with politics is a bit something. It is fun though. The game’s heavy hitters are without comparison. The pitchers know how to through curve balls, fast balls and knuckle balls.


Show off politicians can only obfuscate their pitches that miss the strike zones.


Thankfully, baseball’s extra innings work out successfully and the winners are classy.


In the past few years the World Series victors have been relative newcomers. Exciting? Yes. Last year it was the Houston Astros. The year before it was the Chicago Cubs. Secretly, the Cubs were favorites of all fans.


Okay, I can’t resist. The newcomer champions sort of opened the door for a political newcomer. The old forever MLB teams were on the outside looking in.


Sound familiar? Of course, the forever blue bloods were caught with their pants down, no pun intended for either the girls or boys.


A rookie campaigner got up to bat. He knocked the curve balls, fast balls and spit balls out of all the parks, voting booths, and gave knuckle sandwiches to the losers. He homered for the presidency.


Gosh, what games! Batter up is the cry.


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