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As Long as We Remember...

December 26, 2017

Money Doesn’t Buy Peace

Harry M. Covert

Now, the glorious day after Merry Christmas. How about that? Sure sounds better than winter festival and other neutered descriptions from incontinents who have nothing better to do than try to destroy traditions and history.


This past year leading up to this wonderful holiday has been thrilling, exciting and uplifting.


I most certainly want to be nice and kind in this celebratory period. Most people in their heart of hearts know the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.


It’s depressing to put the knock on the bubble heads who want the downfall of our country. Most of these dummkopfs don’t know anything about the world.


After last week’s poke in the eye from some 128 nations, mostly Islamic influenced, the American ambassador set the record straight. I’ve been grinning since. Nikki Haley warned the so-called peace people there would be consequences. She ought to get the Nobel Prize.


Tax-payers in the U. S. of A. have paid through the nose for seven decades to the pretense of good works of international nations. The U.N. is impotent in peace and good will. This has always been a hope – but costly.


Ambassador Haley spelled out the details. The U.S. is cutting off lots of funds to the bloated international organizations. We learned over Christmas the good old Americans will cut out $585 million of our contribution to the budget. Can we say fantastic, great and about time? Most certainly I can and am.


Friends, while the Congress in Washington wants to cut funds from what they call American entitlements, they love to give billions and billions to the Middle Eastern countries who don’t even like America.


It’s factual that non-profit Christian and humanitarian relief agencies do more to ease pain and suffering to needy countries worldwide than the potentates who hang around the U.N. headquarters.


When was the last time U.N. officials rescued kidnapped people and relief workers? When was the last time the U.N. thwarted Somalian attacks on merchant ships? How about rescuing others from North Korea?


These events have always been the responsibility of the U.S. – and it’s not going to change.


Why do American taxpayers have to give their resources to those who are warmongers, haters and think nothing of beheading innocents, relief workers and Christians.


Since the vote in that New York real estate donated by the Rockefeller family, President Donald Trump and Ambassador Haley have reacted to rules of engagement. I know it is military talk, and it’s a good sign the country isn’t going to sit idly by and act like ninnies any more. Why should we?


Time has come to cut off the billions in alleged aid to keep the enemies from attacking each other.


Time is ripe to pay Americans their Social Security disability, fix the highways and byways, and feed the people!


All this talk about Social Security running dry is hogwash of the highest order. If the U.S. Treasury can give billions to ask foreign countries not to attack others, the funds can merely go to taking care of the elderly, building schools and other important needs in the continental United States and possessions. It’s a long list.


Who’s fooling who in this time of international misdeeds? Why should we give away our treasures to those who don’t appreciate us?


Let’s feed and clothe Americans. No citizen, no adult, no child should go hungry or homeless in the land of plenty. To be accurate, they don’t need to do so.


If the world wants peace, stop fighting and hating. To simple minded? Quite possible. I firmly believe Mr. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Ambassador Haley have established powerful rules of engagement.


The bottom lines could be this message for the Middle East and others, “straighten up and fly right.” Also. “Do right or else.”


No more pussyfooting.


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