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December 14, 2017

A Modern Fort Sumter

Harry M. Covert

Whew! At the risk of being smart alecky, the news can now be reported far and wide that the South isn’t going to rise again.


All historians of various makes and models can relax, stop stripping great American edifices, and go on rewriting the past. Armageddon is apparently on the horizon, a Californian has said so, and Alabamians have given up and are sending a Democrat son to Washington.


Let’s press on please. An alleged sexual misfit won’t be trolling the legislative halls where previous ‘moralists’ of low repute held court. The girls and boys holding office can now hide behind new rules for honesty, veracity and obfuscation.


An all-out war can now pick up steam with anti-American terrorists and other dangerous resisters. There won’t be another Fort Sumter attack. All the dim bulbs can run wildly asserting free speech in all kinds of nation-destroying conversations.


The official attack site is now 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – and its primary occupant. Bombs in the form of political warriors, journalists and reporters will be landing en masse in the 24/7 cycle. Truth is now in a difficult spot.


A great old story about the death of a newspaper has come to light, thanks to the Internet’s You Tube. The movie is ‘Deadline USA,’ starring Humphrey Bogart.


Boogie described journalists as those who want to be the story; reporters are those who view the facts.


What in the world does the above mean? Actually it’s apropos for today’s media people, who fit the bill with their activities on the air, in social media and modern printed pages. Isn’t it exciting?


The stuff has infiltrated not only politics but heretofore sports and athletes, education, religion and work places. The list is endless.


So, the nation is morphing quickly to a new world not seen or imagined before our very eyes. Admittedly it’s rather scary for seasoned citizens. The stage is now set to vilify political opponents in the most vicious manner. This conduct doesn’t need anything but charges of ill deeds, not criminal arrests, nor courtroom procedures.


Who, with any forgiven untoward conduct of years past, would dare seek public offices?


Smear tactics are the modern style and format.


Just use any style to discredit, slander, libel and slur or other words without official proof in cahoots with media – and people can’t survive in the public arena.


Sure political practitioners at all levels have used all sorts of things to win. In general, the public falls for rumors and innuendos as the Gospel. Grins are everywhere, and hate reigns supreme in this age. Is that what will Make America Great Again? Okay, apologies to the slogan owned by our first-year president.


For the good of the nation and the world, stability must be shown. It’s not good for constant attempts to destroy the bonafide commander-in-chief. There are lots of enemies ready out there. Homegrown foes in the guise of patriots, or other haters, must be stopped. The latter hide behind free speech and unlimited free press.


The nation is battling good and evil in all forms. The problem? So-called leaders and media types seem unable to understand the difference.


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