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December 13, 2017

Can 2021 be good for the GOP in Frederick?

Hayden Duke

The next election in the City of Frederick isn’t until November 2021. The filing doesn’t even open until January of 2021, but the election has already begun.


And, while there won’t be candidates showing up at your door – or showing up for the first time since this election – the election has already started and it will be a good one for Republicans.


Let me first caveat this piece by saying two things:

1.) I will not be a candidate for alderman again.

2.) I hope we have open, district based elections in 2021 and not the at-large/slate system.


Politically speaking, the City of Frederick election in 2017 offered a great opportunity for Republicans. Because, even when there is an overwhelming majority of Democrats on the Board of Aldermen, as long as there is a Republican mayor or a lone alderman, any criticism of the board can be viewed as criticism of the one Republican sitting on it.


So, how does November 2021 turn into a victory celebration where we cheer on our newly elected Republicans? So, while I won’t share all of my ideas, I will share the ones that I’m sure many others have thought of and that I view as “no brainers.”


As of December 14th, the Democrats own everything that happens in the City of Frederick. The Republicans cannot be held accountable for anything that happens over the next four years as we do not have a seat at the table.






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