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December 12, 2017

All Eyes Down South

Harry M. Covert

It would be remiss not to point out today is 25 Keslev on the Hebrew calendar. We can all say Happy Hanukkah as the eight days of the Festival of Lights starts at sunset.


Before starting to enjoy some latkes, a favorite for this celebration, it is also proper for this goy to note the season of peace on earth and joy to the world is well under way. Doesn’t appear peace and joy is a high priority at this moment.


Down South today will develop into another national celebration – one way or another. Actually quite an imbroglio or morass is among the battlers for a Senate seat that can be described these days as a quagmire.


For some months, Alabamians have been embroiled in a hard fought election race between good and evil. The big problem is who is who, or which is which. Really and truthfully it’s the eastern elites as usual making fun and snotty talk about the vagaries of the State of Alabama. Many politicians, commentators, religious experts, other know-it-alls and bankrollers have determined to tell those southerners whom they should like or dislike, or what perhaps is right, wrong and accepted.


It sure has been a top of the line knock down and drag out between Judge Roy Moore and heretofore nationally unknown Doug Jones. They are seeking to win today’s election for the United States Senate, the seat held by Jeff Sessions for two decades before succumbing to Donald Trump’s charm to become attorney general and maybe save the country.


Wordsmiths in various venues have had a field day as have older women who made themselves part of the campaign. A number of the matrons have been nonstop accusing Mr. Moore of sexual activities to them some four decades past when they were underage teenagers. The former chief justice of the state has denied such passes when he was about 32.


Mr. Moore, a Republican, is opposed by Democrat Doug Jones. At this time the latter has benefited from the constant allegations of misconduct. Who knows the facts?


Voters finally get the chance to settle matters. I decided not to believe all the wacky poll takers as to whom is leading. I almost visited a palm reader. Sometime the Romani, the gypsies to be factual, have a better handle on what’s what in the political business.


After Monday’s failed New York City terrorist attack, maybe balloteers will have a better view on who is in charge of Alabama’s leanings.


I didn’t dare phone all the Baptists church members or pastors who don’t preach pulpit politics. I excluded any thoughts of other denominations.


I have leaned on my experience. For sure I’ll say the church people will play the major role in determining the outcome. Heaven help us.


It can be reported the brash Mr. Trump jumped in to plead for a Moore victory. Mr. Jones has had acolytes like Joe Biden, a hands-on former vice president, and some senators appearing and calling on his behalf.


Tonight will bring about continuing fighting and feuding no matter who wins.


Donald Trump resistors will love to say it’s a test on his popularity. Others in the minority will be trying to convince that the would-be over-throwers are gaining power, and that the nation’s first ever coup d’état is on the way.


Please, though, can it wait until North Korea joins peace-lovers; that peace people in Palestine and other Arabic countries see the light and honestly stop bombings; and the spirit of the season, that’s Christmas, will be respected and evildoers go away?


Can Mr. Trump dissolve the Congress? What a growing grand idea. I know, he can’t, but it’s a nice thought.



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