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December 8, 2017

People or Party?

Ken Kellar

People used to be admired for declaring that they vote for the person, not the party. However, with today’s extreme division between the parties, those “person” voters are looking more like suckers and fools.


Take for example the special election in Alabama to pick a senator to fill Attorney General Jeff Session’s remaining four years. The Republican candidate, Roy Moore, has been accused of inappropriate relations with teenagers when he was in his 30’s. He denies the claims.


I believe his “guilt” or “innocence” on the charges should be irrelevant to the voters in Alabama.  Mumbling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell disagrees. Trump-hating Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake disagrees.


Let us look at what the Alabama election winner will do for the next four years. It is a very simple job. He will vote hundreds of times on issues that will affect our lives. And, for over 95% of those votes, we could program a black box to vote for the man based on his party affiliation. We can be very sure how either man will vote on subjects such as abortion, taxes, immigration, Islamism, government power and control.


Consider a pro-abortion bill. Roy Moore will oppose it. His Democrat opponent, Doug Jones, will vote for it. So, when Arizona Senator Flake wrote in the memo line on his campaign contribution check to Moore’s Democrat opponent “Country over Party,” what the heck was he thinking?


Is promoting abortion good for the country? Open borders? Unfettered Muslim immigration? Crony-capitalistic climate subsidies? Government-run health care? Republican Senator Flake just made a campaign donation to promote all the above positions. Are all these issues okay when voted for by someone not charged in the 11th hour of an election with immoral behavior? Is a vote against abortion bad if it comes from a person with questionable integrity?


If I was an Alabama resident, I might find comfort in the phrase, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Roy Moore is the enemy of the progressive left. And that progressive left is on a path of destruction, destruction of morality, honor, liberty, prosperity and our national identity.


It is ironic and quite uncomfortable for the voters to think the candidate who will best preserve our nation’s most honorable traits might himself be dishonorable.


The question before the Alabama voters,as I see, it is: “Do I vote for a dishonorable man to preserve honor? Or do I vote for an honorable man whose votes will damage my nation?” I would find it quite easy to cast my vote for Roy Moore.







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