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December 7, 2017

Moving in the Holy Land

Harry M. Covert

It’s about time. Finally, the “eternal capitol” of the State of Israel is recognized as Jerusalem. The move of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the recognized seat of government is underway.


Israel is America’s best ally in the Middle East. President Donald J. Trump announced the decision Wednesday following decades of approval from the U.S. Congress. Quite naturally, opponents to the move are offering threats of days of rage and all sorts of murderous mayhem. Not a surprise.


So, what’s new? If anything is true, Mr. Trump took the bull by the horns and did what he promised during his campaign for the presidency. He gave the okay to start the process of moving the embassy. In all actuality, he did what other presidents were afraid to do.


If the Israelis want their capitol in the historic and biblical city of Jerusalem, who is the U.S. to deny it? The country was created on May 14, 1948 by the esteemed David Ben-Gurion on the day before the end of the British Mandate. Immediately President Harry S Truman recognized the state.


Since then Israel has become home to millions and developed as a powerful and exciting nation. And, a great friend and ally of the U.S. Its leaders opened the door for business, agriculture, military achievements, education and other areas. Its gross domestic product is $318.7 billion USD ‎(2016). The population is eight million and includes Jews from all over the world.


This incredible nation has grown despite constant threats, killings, massacres and all sorts of efforts to destroy it.


From a biblical perspective, Israel is the Holy Land. It is a pilgrim’s major tourist attraction. Jews, Christians and Muslims consider Jerusalem and Israel as sacred.


To think that moving the American embassy to Jerusalem will create even more hate and fighting is probably correct. But the enmity has been going on for thousands of years. It is more doubtful that love and kindness will ever result between Arabs and Jews.


Certainly this doesn’t sound nice. Alleged experts are saying the on-going peace struggles will be hurt by the new embassy. Really?


Palestinians are battling for their own state within a state. How long this will take is unknown and probably unlikely. Palestinians and Arabs in the Mideast, and throughout the world (to be blunt), have never wanted a Jewish state or a Hebrew people.


The American government has spent billions of taxpayers’ dollars as bribes to hopefully keep hostilities from breaking out. Still the threats of continuing aggressions are tantamount to unchanging hate.


It’s rather unpleasant to pooh-pooh would-be peace talks. Facts prove otherwise. If the protagonists want harmony, then they should stop teaching and preaching horror. Travelers’ passports need inserts if they’ve landed in Israel and want to travel to Arab countries.


There are other abominations toward Israelis.


The rest of the world should not be held hostage with threats of constant violence. Of course, the quivering among leaders is well-known, but it’s right and proper for the United States to determine where the embassy should be located. People of Israel want the capitol in Jerusalem. It is their choice. Period.


Here’s an admonition from the Bible in Genesis 12:3 regarding the Chosen People: “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."


Read the quote from all versions.


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