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December 5, 2017

Jealousy Runs Amok

Harry M. Covert

Hatred has become the order of the day. Without question, when rank and file citizens resort to such animosity because elections didn’t result in their hopes, the time has come to re-think their good sense if there is any such thing remaining.


For nearly a year Donald J. Trump has been serving as the President of the United States, like it or not. Every day since he won the favor of the majority of the people he has been subjected to revulsion never before seen. And, it’s getting rather old and stale.


It is doubtful that Jefferson Davis, first and only president of the Confederate States of America, Richard Milhous Nixon, Andrew Jackson or Herbert Hoover, or any other commander-in-chief faced such derogatory treatment.


Frankly the conduct of the anti-Trump crowd and journalists in all quarters have lost their every-loving minds.


I have been offended and dismayed by people who spend every moment of every day blathering about impeachment, liar-in-chief, tweeter-in-chief and those who think they know better than a man who knows exactly how to win. If anything he is an American firster. What in the name of the Almighty is wrong with being for the nation? Why do the critics think that life in the United States of America should resemble the rest of the so-called developed world, or similar to the undeveloped nations around the globe?


The best way to get attention on the national airways, on social media, or in newspapers, magazines and other printed-page publications is to spit out constant disparagement of the New York native and accomplished billionaire who donates his presidential salary?


Since the day Donald J. Trump walked – actually rode – down the escalator in his Trump Towers to announce his candidacy, the nation has been transformed. Insiders who have enjoyed the comfort of their political standings without threats spent every-waking moment to derail his candidacy. The good old boys and girls dismissed him then, saying he could not win, and many do so today.


But, and it is a big but, millions of citizens were attracted to his blunt talking like no other previous president, senator, congressperson or other political type who have distinctly thought they owned every sphere of the federal government. They liked to be considered the upper crust and elite.


Their philosophy has been obvious. If you don’t like the man, you just criticize, make fun of his success, charge him with ridiculous things and act as if they know what Americans truly think and want. Pfui.


Detractors, demeanors, cynics and the losers are so bitter that their words in writing – and on the airways – are becoming meaningless. The most shocking fact is these people are both Republicans and Democrats and so-called independents in all quarters. How many of the intellectuals in the political arena recall the late Alabamian George Wallace’s comment: “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats?”


Of course many Trump haters still think people from the Deep South, Alabama in this particular case, are plain old stupid, rednecks, peckerwoods with the exception of football players. (This year the Crimson Tide apparently isn’t No. 1 in the college rankings but near the top.)


Jake Tapper, the CNN know-it-all, said a few days ago: “if Alabama ‘actually votes for [Senate candidate Roy] Moore, they risk becoming something of a laughingstock.” Perhaps there are giggles from other states, too. He could suggest that label apply to such luminaries as Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal, Minnesota’s Al Franken, Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, Virginia’s Tim Kaine, Illinois Dick Durban, Michigan’s John Conyers, California’s Maxine Waters, Florida’s Frederica Wilson and many others. I have missed Arizona’s Jeff Flake and don’t want to name the other senator from that state, who is suffering from a serious brain illness.


The above mentioned have received the opportunity to be elected and go off half-cocked many times without widespread constant verbal animosity. What makes their conduct and legislations more likeable than President Trump’s? His work has been incredibly good by his uplifting the military in all forms, law enforcement, and the judiciary and zeroing in on all divisions of the government. Yes, his tax program will be a fantastic maneuver considering the obfuscation by opponents.


His handling of the crisis with the North Koreans is one of the best of modern times. He’s called out the little squirt that’s threatening peace in the world and said: “We’ll take care of it.” Straight talk. Imagine if a North Korean missile landed in Guam, Japan or California during the Christmas holidays? The squawkers would be saying it was the president’s fault for not destroying the launch sites and nuclear facilities.


Maybe schools should be teaching about the buildup years in the1930s by the German maniac. North Korea seems intent on pulling off the same world threat. This time, though, the United States is on alert and watching every move. Who else is watching? The United Nations apparently is at a loss on how to have peace. It’s not in their vocabulary.


The most absurd criticism regarding Mr. Trump is that he’s not mentally stable. How injudicious of the critics! Foolish, too. All the atrociousness can be described as jealousy of achievement, his success and determination to change the course of the nation.


Let’s recall these observations:


“Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead,” Admiral David G. Farragut.


“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,” Vince Lombardi.


“Nothing is easy, but who wants nothing?” Donald Trump.


And, “Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.” Paul “Bear” Bryant, legendary coach of Alabama’s Crimson Tide.


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