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As Long as We Remember...

November 30, 2017

Picking the Next Board of Education

Cindy A. Rose

It’s that time of year again, election season – specifically for the Frederick County’s Board of Education. Four seats will be open in 2018, and we, classical education lovers, must win all four seats. Why? It takes four votes to accomplish anything.


Why should you, as a voter, care about public education?


Teaching children logic and reason is disappearing from the public education classroom. Facts cease to be facts. Socratic learning is now mocked and ridiculed. What you “feel” is the new education model. Look around you. How is that working out for us?


While Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) is busy eviscerating traditional education, we can applaud its dedicated focus on “social justice,” “cultural proficiency,” and “social, emotional learning.” Right? Isn’t that why you send your child to school?


Superintendent Teresa Alban is out there spewing manipulated facts about how our assessment scores are better. In fact, there is no way to really know how we are progressing – or regressing.


You cannot compare the assessment scores of last year with the assessment scores of this year. The test is recreated every year to fine tune the errors and remove things students just can’t comprehend. Not because it was difficult, but because it was poorly written.


The assessments were never piloted before they were rolled out. They are literally building the test as the student takes it. Our children are unpaid test writers. The failure of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests is why the Maryland State Board of Education rolled back its graduation requirements in October.


While they dither on mandatory assessments, our children are losing what’s left of valuable learning time.


I’m going to be brutally honest here! If you fail to elect the right Board of Education members, what’s happening in our schools isn’t going to get any better. You need board members who aren’t “test centered,” and who care about “academics” and American culture, not social justice and global governance.


Where do you begin? Simple – STOP VOTING THE APPLE BALLOT – which is a printed palm card produced by the Frederick County Teachers Association (FCTA) to support Board of Education candidates it thinks the way it does.


The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) and the FCTA own our Board of Education. In my next column, I’ll share with you what MSEA was busy discussing at its October 2017 convention in Ocean City. One hint, supporting Black Lives Matter and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in the classroom was part of its new business.


Apple Ballot-endorsed candidates are traditionally there to do the bidding of unions and professional associations with little regard to teacher and parent concerns. The only time you hear them sounding pro-academics and parent is right around now – election season.


They also prop up our superintendent, who is a colossal failure. Moral in our schools is at an all-time low. Academics and extra curricula are disappearing for “work-force training.” She has successfully stripped the joy from learning. FCPS’s new mission seems to be reshaping American culture.


Speaking of the superintendent, she has a blog called “Off the Cuff.”


Her blogs have spent too much time on “cultural proficiency,” “gender gaps,” “systemic racism,” “diversity,” etc.


Classical, liberal arts education is a pedagogy of reasoning; social justice/cultural education and is a pedagogy of manipulation. One teaches you “how” to think, the other teaches you “what” to think.


FCPS. with its progressive-majority board, has been steadily moving away from teaching “how” to think and is now rooted deeply in teaching children “what” to think.


How do we end this? Vote for Board of Education candidates who aren’t progressives and/or part of the academic swamp. You can start with rejecting anyone endorsed by the Apple Ballot of the Frederick County Teachers Association.


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