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November 23, 2017

On This Day of Thanks

Harry M. Covert

Vittles in all forms are the stars today. There are so many variations on this treasured Thanksgiving that the troubles and trials can likely be set aside for joys of families large and small.


How to count the ways of all to give thanks for the bounties. This is an exciting list, and so much to offer gratitude.


Not to be preachy, but every single soul has much in which to offer for living this life.


Tradition has many reasons for Thanksgiving Day. Magnificent! Family meals and time together. Awesome.


Why don’t all the church bells peal? Certainly would be appropriate for community reveling. A gong here and a gong there and smiles erupt. It’s fun to laugh and smile and just enjoy.


Sure there is an awful lot of worldwide turmoil. However, a day of thanksgiving is in order and welcome. The day after has become a celebratory time of shopping. They call it Black Friday. Shoppers race to stores in preparation for the sacred Christmas holidays.


It’s okay now to say Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. It matters not what naysayers promote, the Christmas season is wonderful and joyful, and a time of re-charging lives in every way.


I can’t help it but, as Thanksgiving arrives, the tune that bubbles for me is “Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.”


My Grandmother Libby was wonderful, awesome in every way. I loved going to her house from the time I was walking to many years later. And I visited her many days at supper times as if it were today. I’m not alone in this feeling.


Using journalistic license, my grandmother was a saint. Likewise my grandfather was, too; a gentle soul who set the example for family man par excellence.


Others undoubtedly have similar feelings for their families, but I’m saying it first. I merely trust I can uphold the role with my children and grandchildren. And. yes, great grandchildren. Where have the years gone? I can count the days and hope for more.


On this day of remembrance, this is a marvelous time to take inventory of all our circumstances. I hope all family tables are overflowing and the chatter is warm and fuzzy.


Let the gridiron festivities, et al, be and enjoy the meals and desserts. I have my own list. They’re all my favorites.


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