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November 20, 2017

You canít always get what you want Ė Part 2

Jason Miller

Republican efforts leading up to the Frederick City municipal elections were slow and cumbersome. Much of the support promised by the Maryland State Republican Party for Frederick City had been rerouted to Annapolis to hold the line there.


Some dedicated members of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC) stepped up to support the aldermanic candidates and the mayor.


Representatives from the State Republican Party played a large and positive role but with limited effect. If there is one lesson that the Republican senior leaderships need to take away from its defeats in Annapolis and Frederick, it would be this. It is no longer enough for the local Republican Party to tell Republican voters to get out and vote. That won’t work no matter how many doors are knocked.


The Republican candidates need to give the public a reason to stand in line at the polls. Many of them lacked a well-defined platform. Some embraced a moderate stance on many issues. This is a pragmatic approach when one considers that Democrats outnumber Republicans in the Frederick City. Other Republicans tried to go it alone.


I read countless statements where some GOP candidates have started to blame the FCRCC for the lack of victory in the Frederick election. Sorry, but the evidence – and my own personal experience – tells me that’s not true.


What is true is that Mayor Randy McClement made the statement about how the Golden Mile is just fine during the mayoral debate. Pay no attention to your eyes. That is a true statement from an economic standpoint, but the mayor never followed up on how to build upon that success to revitalize the Golden Mile into a thriving commercial district. His Democrat opponent did. That was a cringe-worthy moment for rational Republicans in Frederick City.


What is also true was the great big Republican gaff handed to the Democrats on a silver plate in the form of an admitted case of voter fraud by a GOP aldermanic candidate. That’s right, one of our very own candidates couldn’t read the instructions well enough to understand that you simply can’t vote for someone else and send it in. The newspaper ran with it; the candidate admitted it; and the Democrats jumped at it. Even as a Republican stalwart I say: “Well played Democrats… well played.”


Almost as soon as the voter fraud story broke, I saw on social media where many progressive people started asking if the Republican candidates were competent enough to read about and understand collective cities problems. As a nonpartisan voter… what could the FCRCC do to reassure you after these two gaffs? The answer is nothing. There was nothing the FCRCC could have done for damage control


Add these two gaff examples to the fact that we had a former Republican mayoral write-in candidate who criticized the local Republican Party and the partisan election process as a platform. Add the fact that the mayor, rightly or wrongly, was blamed by some the traffic issues making drivers on MD 26 compare it with I-270.


There were many reasons the Republican were shut out all Frederick City races. Voters remember some candidates more for their actions. People respect candidate when the dust themselves off and try again. You tried. You lost. Hold your head up high. Many never try and participation is its own reward. Candidates should never worship at the altar of perpetual victimhood while publicly blaming others for the recent loss.


Blaming everyone else for a loss is the trait of a superficial and narcissistic person, who ventures on the mentally numb. There is no participation trophy in politics. You can’t always get what you want from an election, but if you learn from a loss, you just might find what you need in order to win next time.


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