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November 16, 2017

The Big Story Fiasco

Harry M. Covert

Far be it here to condone in any way, shape, or form the sexual misconduct so loudly and broadly on public display these days.


The latest, of course, comes from Alabama’s race for the U.S. Senate seat, where a twice removed state Supreme Court judge and West Point graduate Roy Moore is fighting for his public and private persona. It’s not a pretty picture in another chapter of American society.


Certainly readers here are familiar with the recent Washington Post expose. Two women in their forties allege they were sexually assaulted, or harassed, Judge Moore some 40 years ago.


Apparently it’s their word against his. Evidence seems missing except for recollections.


Who can deny it’s quite a story? Judge Moore has had a career of standing on his religious convictions and is rather popular across Alabama.  But, there’s more (pun intended).


His friends and acquaintances are trying desperately to still back him. Sure seems like a losing battle. Since the story broke the other media outlets have had a heyday scrambling to get other facts and quotes.


Pastors and church people have had an embarrassing time. They want to believe Moore’s denials. At the same time, it’s quite difficult to not believe the accusers. Girls and boys under the age of consent never forget sexual attempts they endure as they grow into maturity.


While as adults, Moore’s accusers have had some troubled lives. But, that can’t override the situations of their prepubescence.


It is not rare that abused children are fearful to report such incidents.


Of late, in an effort to calm the situation, defenders bring up similar matters involving other celebrated personages. Not unusual. Foolhardy.


It may be doubtful the Alabama accusers were paid for their stories. That is not the normal practices of newspapers.


Regardless, the story is a major one. The political establishment of both major parties are covering their posteriors and suddenly attempting to be holier that the Senate hopeful.


In all probability Judge Moore won’t ever sit in the U.S. Senate. He’ll undoubtedly fight to the end of the campaign. If he pulls out a win, he’ll be expelled from the Senate. His never-to-be colleagues will leave him hanging.


There’s no reason to talk about previous Senate and House miscreants here. The list is legendary. Just because they got away with sexual misconduct is no reason to excuse present and future lawmakers.


Time has come when the nation must reconsider its morality and conduct. Who’s going to lead the way? The battle is raging. The Roy Moore fiasco is another lesson. It’s unpleasant to follow. If he’s innocent or not, the situation is dire. The nation suffers.


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