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November 9, 2017

Belittling the Believers

Harry M. Covert

Tragedies in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and a week before in New York City are further evidence Divine intervention is a must to straighten out the creeping cancer of evil befalling the blessed nation named USA.


We can throw in the rest of the universe, too, where America is committed to keeping peace and hoping for prosperity.


The killings and maimings in that small Baptist Church are reprehensible and the result of a hateful apostate, who was proud to describe himself an atheist.


The driver, who killed bicyclists and pedestrians in Manhattan, survived his misdeeds. He was a fundamentalist, but not a right wing Christian, but hate filled Muslim.


Americans of all standings have been offering prayers and deep thoughts for the victims. The shock has been the critics and non-believers, who have broadly belittled men and women of faith for their urgent pleas.


Many personages have suggested prayers were not effective. If prayers were real there would not have been vicious murders and shootings, they like to say.


Such ugly comments merely prove what Scripture says: they are fools.


Evidence continually grows that undermining society as we know it is determined to destroy Christianity in the nation. Too many believers appear like sheep going to the slaughter.


Further, politicians keep yapping for more gun control. How come all the alleged smart people refuse to talk about changing the vile hearts? Certainly killings at random, and otherwise, come from despicable humans. Society is changing quicker than the blink of an eye. Good people must not stand mute.


A late president’s son is “an unabashed atheist” and says he’s “not afraid of burning in Hell.” That’s certainly his right.


Numerous others on the national landscape have taken great delight in trying to humiliate Christian believers.


Because the “heathens” promote their position doesn’t make them correct.


Church people at large understand that “prayer is not a transfer of information, but rather an act of humility.”


It is important to ask that “God bless America” and the leaders of the county. According to practicing believers “prayer leads to peace, patience and perseverance.” Why not?


What a sad report that not only do our public streets need security, church pews require heavenly and earthly protection.


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