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November 3, 2017

Profiling and Shaving

Harry M. Covert

The idea of profiling by law enforcement always raises hackles. How dare investigators look for criminals, who act suspicious and when they think no one is watching or closed circuit video is having a good look?


While bleeding hearts don’t like what the president says about the death penalty for the Big Apple terrorist, or sending the killer – okay, the alleged admitted killer – to Guantánamo Bay. At least one of New York’s finest, a veteran police officer, shot the Uzbeki and grabbed him. Thankfully he’s in the federal system.


Let’s recap briefly. He ran over and killed eight people, and injured many more. The radicalized Muslim enjoyed what he had planned for a year and hoped to stab many more.


Of course, how dare this 29 year old be profiled at the truck rental place. With his scruffy beard that was a tip off he may be a fundamentalist Islamicist.


The terrorists are known principally by their straggly unshaven beards. Part of their murderous sects is that they never shave facial hair. They are known for their religious devotion by never shaving because that is a manly symbol they believe. Let’s stop dancing around the issue plaguing the U.S. society.


Further, consider how official profiling may have avoided the deaths and injuries of Monday past. It’s not jumping to conclusions to figure the tragedy was terrorist initiated.


Since the New York City killer is – or was – such a devout believer, executing him promptly sounds rather reasonable. That is a good proposition and would make lots of red-blooded American patriots happy.


While the supreme penalty may save the public lots of money in the long run, the real sanction should be solitary confinement in SuperMax, where he should never be allowed any exercise or television watching or any interaction with any human except for the correction officer. Cruel and inhuman punishment? Yes.


Before the federal prison welcomes him to facilities, they should shave him with a straight razor, never allow him to have facial or head hair. Yes, punishment, never permit family visits or contact from Imams.


How awful that such harsh prison condition could be allowed. It’s understandable court cases undoubtedly would result. A reminder, lives of the deceased will never return, scars of the injured will last forever.


Profiling causes concerns all over the nation, but it’s practical in this day and age.


There’s reason for business women and men, clerks, civilians in all quarters to profile the unusual. If they see something peculiar, it’s imperative to say something with or without a beard.


Profiling is not a dirty word. It could save lives, prevent injuries and in some way defend the nation from invading terrorists – either homegrown or foreign reprobates.


For certain there are many who’d like to participate in the shaving process of bearded terrorists, and let that straight razor slip across his neck.


No need here to discuss forgiveness or kindness to the terrorist infidel. That’s exactly what he is.


Those in every community must be alert, aware and never forget copy cats may be hard to profile.


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