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November 2, 2017

Never speak to the FBI, ever

Ken Kellar

If you find yourself being interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and they ask you a benign question like, “When did you meet your spouse?” or “When was your first child born?” do not answer.


If you get the date wrong they may arrest you as you step off an airplane like they did to George Papadopoulos, described by the FBI as one of Candidate Trump’s former campaign foreign policy advisors.


Here’s the crime Papadopoulos was physically arrested for, make sure your children never read this next horrible line: He said he met people (claiming to have dirt on Hillary Clinton) before he joined the Trump Campaign. But, he, in fact, had learned he was going to be one of then-candidate Trump’s foreign policy advisers BEFORE the meeting.


By the way, this crime was conducted during a voluntary interview in January 2017 about events spanning March to April, 2016.


Now I know this level of detail is inconsequential to the hateful lunatics who believe Donald Trump should have been impeached as he lowered his hand after taking the oath of office. But I write this for rational human beings.


Mr. Papadopoulos had every right to meet any human on the planet who claimed he had some juicy dirt on Ms. Clinton. The FBI is apparently okay with the meeting, the crime was transposing two dates.


Here is a further sordid detail of Mr. Papadopoulos’ heinous acts of barbarity and depravity. He told the FBI, again during his voluntary interview, that his contacts with the professor and another contact were “inconsequential.” The FBI disagrees and thus charged him with lying to them.


So, were the contacts and discussion consequential? It was a dead end. No dirt was forthcoming, pretty inconsequential if you ask me.


So, the big news for “Resist” traitors to our nation is that George Papadopoulos transposed his dates regarding “learning” of his acceptance to the campaign and his dead-end interactions with a Russian professor, and that he and the FBI have a different understanding of the word “inconsequential.”


I, by the way, thought the word “inconsequential” meant “without consequences,” so I, too, would have been arrested by the FBI if I were asked about something that was logically connected to the subject but ended up not affecting anything.


So that, my friends, is why you should never, ever speak to an FBI agent. They are the 1984 thought police George Orwell warned us about.


Shifting gears, the Manafort-Gates indictment is making the news cycles and the media is trying to link it with the Papadopoulos thought crime. I read the 30-plus page indictment and there is no connection whatsoever between the Papadopoulos plea and the other indictment.


Mr. Manafort and Mr. Gates worked for the former Ukrainian president starting almost 10 years ago and lined up two lobbying companies to lobby Congress to – hopefully – prevent sanctions against Ukraine for the Ukrainian leader’s strong arm tactics.


The indictment says that for their services, Mr. Gates and Mr. Manafort were paid tens of millions of dollars (sent to foreign banks) for which they evaded income taxes and failed to follow laws requiring declaration of foreign accounts.


The indictment also calls both men foreign lobbyists who failed to file as such.


This case looks like a classic Al Capone tax evasion case, and I’d be surprised if the two don’t see jail time. I’m sure their trials will drag into the 2020 presidential campaign; otherwise, why should the Resistors bother with it?


These criminal and legal proceedings are nothing less than a bloodless coup attempt. As this coup proceeds, a senior official of the IRS, who actively interfered with national elections for years by denying non-profit status to conservative groups while fast tracking the opposition, is enjoying a comfortable retirement at our expense. Also a former secretary of state, who brokered a deal to transfer 20% of our uranium supply to a country that was at the same time paying her husband $500,000 for one speech, is conducting a book tour.



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