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October 31, 2017

The Exploding News

Harry M. Covert

Isn’t it exciting? Breaking bulletins keep on giving us wide-eyed and bushy-tailed consumers the latest and hottest news at such a pace sensibilities are spinning to exhaustion.


Merely select the numerous areas so prominent these days. Pick your poison as a familiar old saw notes.


The daily public prints still provide official records. The airways, always on the hour and half hours, bombard and inform viewers and hearers. It’s become wall-to-wall coverage of every venue. Of course, it’s good, fun and educational.


Daily there are always headline stories eclipsing the previous 24 hours. Of late, the breaking news is awesome no matter how published on paper and through the air.


A tragedy for many communities is how local stories may be suffering. Police activities, court cases, city and county governments, schools, budgets, and sporting events still manage to get ink.


Out of the nation’s capital the thousands of reporters and editors are truly enjoying themselves. Me, too.


Political wags are in their glory and loving every minute. Why not?


Civics is high on the list and that should be perfect for school children of all ages and sexes.


From politics, supposedly “the art of compromise,” sports of all sorts are grabbing the headlines. We keep learning. It doesn’t get any better.


Hollywood apparently couldn’t stand missing out on the news. The incredible movie capital of the universe has been caught up with ugly sex scandals. Such moral turpitude failings. The widespread eruption of actresses and studio staff who suffered personal indignities has brought attention to a venomous society.


The same pattern of sexual harassments has brought out more alleged abusers and abused in major television networks. And, the public is anxious for more.


Even the 93-year-old 41st president, George H.W. Bush, is not exempt. Suddenly, this man, confined to a wheel chair and suffering from a form of Parkinson’s disease, is not exempt. Four New England women, eager for photo ops, said they were patted or groped on their posteriors by the former Yale first baseman, Navy pilot, Central Intelligence Agency director and vice president.


Mr. Bush is unable to raise his left arm above his shoulder – or waists of the women. He couldn’t throw out the first ball for the last two Houston Astros World Series games. His son, former President George W. Bush, did the honors amid huge cheers.


I might add this is the first time in baseball history two former presidents – father and son – were pitchers simultaneously.


Retired Frederick Hall of Fame football coach Hal Grau wrote in his Sunday column about Vin Scully. The elegant legendary broadcaster threw out the first ball in Los Angeles for the Dodgers’ Friday night game.


The point of the above is there is great news amidst all the tough stuff. Scully was the gem of the week.


There is no reason to mention the situation of the National Football League. It’s bringing out the bad news.


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