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October 17, 2017

Helpmates for the World

Harry M. Covert

The ability to read varied opinions is always interesting. More often than not average people reacting to ludicrous comments may mean well, but it’s obvious they are ignorant of the world.


The social media carried a chirp (Tweet) that the rest of the world didn’t like America. How do such people survive with such stupidity? Well, dear friends, the answer is simple – or simplistic as kindergarten and first grade teachers know immediately.


Let me explain. Americans travel the world and are committed to international relief projects, delivering food, clothing, medical supplies and equipment and educational programs, even school constructions.


When chirpers announce illogical comments without knowing true facts and figures, women and men, who operate feeding centers, medical clinics, and helping hurting people could be offended.


The nimrods are so dumb they only criticize in their eagerness to be somebody and don’t deserve platforms for utter brainlessness.


The weekend’s explosions in Somalia where 300 people were killed is terrible. Yes, terrorists were determined to keep innocents under control.


Once in The Sudan, an Oklahoma humanitarian group set up a food distribution center. Each of the 200-plus mothers and children stood in line eager to receive food boxes with enough for a week.


Suddenly three young toughs arrived on the scene with broom sticks, slapping the women to keep them from taking the free supplies. Sudanese police stood by allowing the assaults. Just so happened that among the distributors were some older and tougher onlookers who enabled the food parcels to be passed out. Frankly, the older men did use physical force and solved the incident.


Several other similar situations could be described here from Zaire (now The Congo), Croatia, Kenya, The Gambia, Liberia, Haiti, Burundi, and Central America. There are numerous other third world countries in the same categories.


In each of these suffering countries, the people always ask relief workers to help them reach America.


All of the angst, hatefulness, and distortions of all sorts these days emit such illogical comments that the world dislikes the good old USA. Nothing is further from the truth.


The matter of illegal immigrants crossing the southern borders is not being noted here. Why? Because? Hurting people around the globe love the U.S.


Leftists, determined to destroy our society, need to visit the foreign shores and see firsthand the massive hardships people endure. Not even close to American life.


Be assured, criminal conduct isn’t handled like American jurisprudence.


A few years ago, 25 containers with vital supplies would not be released by a then-Zaire customs official in Kinshasa. He wanted some extra fees. Sweet diplomacy wasn’t effective.


Showing proper documents to Zairean military, backed by two truckloads of soldiers, found all was okay and the goods released. The customs agent was taken into custody. He escaped being harmed — read killed — when relief workers pleaded with the army commander for mercy.


Another similar incident occurred in Port au Prince, Haiti, after the hurricane a few years ago.


A relief group had sent several containers for a school. Yes, customs didn’t want to help. The American group had made the acquaintance of the German ambassador, who sent emissaries to the Haitian agent. Within an hour supplies were released, without a kickback, and 200 students and their families ate three meals daily for the next month.


I could detail a long list of terrific humanitarian relief groups. But why? With few exceptions and warts, let’s face it, the USA is great and good.


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