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October 10, 2017

Dr. Lee to the Rescue

Harry M. Covert

Can everyday life be more exciting than it is today? To laugh or cry is the subject and the choice is incredibly vast and fun to consider.


Who can resist mass amounts of Italian food to celebrate Columbus Day yesterday? Plus, the entertainment of such grand movies as The Godfather and videos of The Sopranos.


The idea of replacing Columbus Day across the land with a morose indigenous peoples day is way, way out of line. Spaghetti and meatballs and pasta, garlic bread and lasagna are mighty fine on the family menu.


My history teachers were awesome, and I thank them for pointing me in the proper direction. His Italian name is Cristoforo Colombo and, in Spanish, it is Cristóbal Colón.


Next item: the election season is upon us. Voices are getting louder and louder. Lovely. Promises are in the conversations. Old and new candidates are everywhere with all kinds of community events going on. Yes, they are fun and mark the excitement of Fall.


There are all types of early days rumors slipping in to area hopes and conversations of who’s hot and who’s not.


In Frederick, MD, campaigning is in full swing for the city mayor’s race and seats on the aldermanic board. A year away is Frederick County’s battle for the soul of government, competition for county executive and the bubbling is rolling. This will be the primo, nonpareil county struggle.


It’s going to be difficult keeping national interests out of the county executive combat. Don’t be surprised. Leaks seem to be drip, drip dripping that either Melania and/or her husband may visit to help out Republicans. Frederick is a short motorcade trip from Camp David. That could undoubtedly bring the devastated loser, or her husband, or daughter to the Free State’s largest county to ruminate. Who’s going to pay for them all?


Disclaimer. This report is not faux, fake, pseudo or wishful blabbing. How thrilling this could be. Maybe the city’s Clustered Spires Golf Course could become Trump Class fairways.


Sunday past was a nice day of rest. It was tough waiting for the baseball playoffs but worth it.


By some quirk of fate the problem of millionaire kneelers, which have provoked masses of good citizens, the Internet’s You Tube came to the rescue. Accidentally, Dr. Sandra Lee, popped up on iPhones and laptops. This California medical doctor has over two million followers.


It was fun seeing Dr. Lee, known as Dr. Pimple Popper, entertaining viewers with her extractions. A real doctor on the job, squishing and popping things like cysts, comedones, blackheads and boils. Not for the squeamish. See for yourself. It’s more fun than watching dropped passes, ankle injuries, and offside penalties and broadcasters banalities.


The highlight of Sunday gridiron activity was patriot Mike Pence, the vice president. He expressed his First Amendment right. He departed the Indianapolis stadium in disgust by the disrespectful kneeling during Francis Scott Key’s composition. They were Californians by the way.


There was no void in Sunday educational enlightenment either. With thanks to Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe, the pampered athletes were described with “pimples on the brain.” The boys on the field need a medical visit with Dr. Popper.


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