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October 3, 2017

Confession of a News Dog

Harry M. Covert

The slogan goes “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” In these days of “troubles and trials,” however, that has tragically changed and the news is heartbreaking.


Let’s not relive here the horrible events of Sunday night. No amount of hoping and wishing will alter the murders and mayhem. As difficult as it is, there can be positive and good things occurring in local communities.


I’m going to brag a little here. Actually this boasting isn’t about the scribbler but about events that took place on 7th Street, Frederick, Maryland, last Thursday.


We are entitled to a piece of good news. I’m confessing.


Driving on 7th Street in mid-morning, listening to the blaring radio with only a few cares, the rear view mirror indicated flashing lights. I thought there must be a traffic accident up ahead or some kind of criminal activity near the shopping center, or near the church and homes across the avenue.


Being a news dog of some consequence, I slowed to the road side. That’s the thing for good drivers to do, allowing police and first responders to proceed easily.


Well, now, good intentions were good, of course, but this road to celestial and saintly places was misplaced. To my utter shock the miscreant was me.


Lord have mercy. I honestly was not speeding. I did not run the red light at Fairview Avenue. Of course, drivers always say this.


The flashing lights increased as a second police cruiser joined in.


Being familiar with traffic stops, I slowly turned off the main drag into the shopping plaza, stopped, turned off the ignition and placed both hands on the steering wheel. Also turned off the radio, WFMD to be exact.


The flashing lights behind me still blared. Then the backup cruiser’s lights were there, but the officer remained at the wheel.


I kept my hands on the wheel. When the policeman reached the door, I quickly said “I’m not armed.” He thanked me.


At this point I admit I was a bit discombobulated. I reached for the registration and driver’s license and submitted to the calm man in blue.


Then he said the incident was being video recorded. I was really on good behavior at this point. WFMD’s Frank Mitchell and Tim May have said I have a face fit radio and that’s another story.


The police lights kept on flashing. Officer Andrew Alger, of Frederick Police, was pleasant, returned to his cruiser, and in moments explained, my right rear brake light was broken.


I breathed a sigh of relief. He was pleasant and presented me a printed warning ticket for driving without minimum equipment. Whew! Even better.


With all the criticism police officers receive these days, it’s entirely okay to brag on a well-spoken, courteous and first class officer like Andrew Alger. Honestly this incident was better than coffee with a cop. I know now Officer Alger is an example of the top quality men and women patrolling the city. Chief Ed Hargis and Deputy Chief Patrick Grossman must be proud.


It was a good experience even though pedestrians couldn’t resist walking near to see the trouble maker.


Please, “what happens in Frederick stays in Frederick.”


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