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October 2, 2017

Why are Liberals embarrassed by Conservatives?

Jason Miller

When America was a fledgling nation many of our countryman had fought directly in the American Revolution and others did so indirectly on its behalf. The consensus was for many to return to their farms, taverns, or store and let the political people work out the details.


Many Americans could not read or write and politics was considered a leisure by gentleman. The average American in the 1790’s contented themselves in making money and providing for their family, and raising their station in life for generations to come. The gentlemen could concern themselves so long as the rest of us lived free.


Americans, when you think about it, were self-deported out of every decent place on earth. Leading up to the American Revolution many European nations were ecstatic to see the riffraff depart. American colonials – in the eyes of many noble aristocrats – were the dregs of the barrel that encompassed civilized European society.


The early migration to America was an exodus to escape the rigid European cultural systems that judged a person’s lot in life based on their bloodline or religion. In Europe, the better sort of people told others how to live and how to behave. The culture stifled creativity and limited ambition. In the new world, the merits of individual people would determine a person’s value in society.


The New World was fresh canvas where the vision of every man and woman could be painted on its frontiers. This is a major fact that some modern political academics overlook. The American Dream is older than America itself. It’s simply human ambition realized.


In today’s modern American politics, American elites have always had a lot to say about how the middle class and poor should live. Many of them were content to agree with themselves at their lavish parties and exclusive clubs. The true suffering of others never really appealed to them outside of posh fundraisers. Many offered their celebrity status to charities in hopes of improving their image or brand.


The presidential election of Donald J. Trump, however; ushered in a new era of upscale hypersensitive progressive protesting of the little people, those so-called idiots who voted for President Trump. The great unwashed, the rednecks who cling to their bible in one hand and their gun in the other. Many of these aloof liberals have an overinflated sense of self as entitled culture warriors. It’s a narcissism seldom found in America’s rural working middle class.


Many Hollywood insiders, television celebrities, cable news pundits, social media executives, and a few self-righteous, new moneyed billionaires are graciously offering to spoon feed us on how best to live our lives. It seems disingenuous when you think about how they have drawn their conclusions. Many really do think their celebrity status makes them the real cultural conscious of the American people. It’s pretty easy to tell someone how to live if you can live any way you want.


Many posh progressives feel compelled to guilt and shame the working class of America into seeing the world the way they think it ought to be. I understand that they feel strongly about their advocacy on social issues. I get it. They are perfectly entitled to say what they want. I am entitled to ask a few questions in response to their positions.


Have the National Football League (NFL) players, who feel compelled to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem, invested their own tens of millions of dollars in the blighted urban centers they say they so desperately want to address? Not that I know of. How many celebrities have given their own money to pay for a stranger’s cancer treatment while advocating universal healthcare? Has Amazon or Facebook invested their own billions of dollars in hiring American labor while simultaneously advocating for a living wage?


These newly minted hyper progressive judges should not judge Trump supporters too harshly for rejecting their world view. I read recently that many say they are embarrassed by their country right now because of President Trump. I would simply like to remind these socialist-leaning progressives that their own movement produced a communist hit parade of embarrassing world leaders like Pol Pot, Stalin. Mao Zedong, and Ceausescu.


Progressives should take note that there are more embarrassing happenings going on in the world other than President Trump. I would urge them to look at the utopian workers’ paradise in Venezuela.


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